Camping Gift Basket Ideas (Part I)

Every Camper would enjoy these gifts.

Any camper would like to get a camping gift basket full of camping supplies even if they already have all the equipment they need. This is true since:

  • There’s always a new product out there that they haven’t bought yet.
  • Some items are consumable so it’s always good to have a fresh supply.
  • Picking camping gift products is all about light packing and multi-purposing. After all, when it’s up to you to carry your gear, wouldn’t you want to pack as light as you can, but still, have comfort in the great outdoors?

This is where the below camping gift ideas come in. Every one of them is either multifunctional, lightweight or both. Best of all, they are all quite low-cost so you can create a great camping gift basket without going broke.

Gift basket ingredients

  • Large sharpener: Use it to sharpen twigs will make shavings that make the best fire starters.  The sharpened twigs will make great skewers for sausages or marshmallows. Lightweight and multipurpose, see?
  • Heavy-duty duct tape: because it can fix practically anything
  • Soap leaves: these are really thin soap sheets you can use one at the time. They take less space than a normal soap bar and since you only use one of them at the time, your recipient won’t have the “where to put the wet soap bar” issue. There are laundry soap leaves as well.
  • Insect repellent: another outdoor must-have! Camping isn’t any fun when you are “eaten” by mosquitoes. You might one to get some of this if you plan to spend a good amount of time in your yard.
  • Microfiber travel towel: these are very lightweight and compact towels that dry up fast. You can use them for the pool as well. You can fold the towel into a basket or use it as the liner of your gift basket container.