Hot Chocolate Gift Basket

You can also make hot cocoa mix jars with toppings included.

This is the ideal gift to keep your friends warm on those cold winter nights. Make a gift basket for one with single packets of cocoa mix or put together a basket for a crowd by using a canister of hot cocoa mix.

What better way to warm up in the wintertime than with some hot chocolate? This tasty basket is filled with all the must haves for making hot chocolate and then some.

Here are some ideas of what to include:

A good rule to remember is “smaller basket filled big”. When picking a basket, always get a smaller one instead of a larger one. Big ones are pricey to fill, and a big basket half-filled looks bad. The better choice is to go with a small basket and fill it to the brim.

This hot chocolate gift basket is full with all the things someone may need to make good hot chocolate. There’s the mix, great cups, straws and fun flavorings. Oh, let’s not forget marshmallows! Yesss!

Simple Hot Chocolate Gifts:

If you want something nice to easily take to neighbors and friends, here’s a few of easy hot chocolate gifts that you could pull together. This would be perfect for a gift basket of any size since most of these items are quite affordable. Here are some great fixings:

Hot Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas:

Here are the things to put in the hot chocolate basket:

  • Hot Chocolate Mix
  • Hot Cups
  • Candy Canes
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Drink Flavorings (coconut, peppermint, orange, French vanilla)

    Edible chocolate spoons

  • Marshmallows
  • Andes Mints and Godiva chocolate
  • Mini Flavor Mix Ins
  • Crate or basket
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Marshmallows
  • Candy canes
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Ceramic mugs
  • To-go hot chocolate sipper cups
  • Stir sticks
  • Popcorn

Hot Chocolate Spoons – Hello Homebody

Add these tasty spoons to any gift basket. Make them yourself or buy them ready made at Target or Amazon.

Thanksgiving Gift Baskets Ideas

Exhibiting you’re thankful as pumpkin pie! Joyful gift baskets for Thanksgiving are loaded with gourmet treats such as decadent desserts, fresh fruits, and wines, offering the ideal accompaniment to any celebration. These gift basket ideas also make a good impression after Thanksgiving dinner as well.

Pumpkin Cake

Not a gift basket, but a gift all the same. Pumpkin spice is everywhere at this time of the year, so why not bake or buy a pumpkin cake. Do a spiced pumpkin cake with sweet cream cheese frosting top and in between layered with homemade cinnamon buttercream frosting. This is a fall inspired dessert that’s bound to be a new favorite.

Orchard’s Abundance – Fruit Gift Basket

With something for all, it’s no surprise that this delightful gift basket idea is very popular. Inside a basket are artfully arranged oranges, apples, and juicy pears along with a variety of delicious gourmet foods such as premium peanuts, salted caramel dip, and Vermont cheddar cheese. This gift basket is perfect for any Thanksgiving.

Classic Champagne Gift Basket

Make any Thanksgiving a real rejuvenation with this generous gift basket. Inside the basket, your recipient will find a crisp La Marca bubbly that pleases with gentle effervescence. This is paired with a variety of gourmet snacks. Include hors d’oeuvre crackers, chocolate wafer cookies, and aged cheddar cheese. This stunning basket will impress at any time.

Snack & Chocolate Gift Basket – Deluxe

Generous and impressive, this snack & chocolate gift basket is ensured to please on Thanksgiving or after. Inside the basket, your recipient will find slow-melting chocolates and matchless selection of gourmet snacks. Don’t forget gourmet graham crackers, toffee-drenched peanuts, artisan crackers and cheese, and toffee-drenched peanuts. This elegant gift basket provides an assortment of treats that are impossible for anyone to resist.

Easter Gift Baskets Ideas

Sure, the Easter bunny is really cute. But just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it’s got the top Easter baskets. Actually, gift baskets for Easter come in all shape and sizes. Today’s Easter gifts aren’t just limited to candy. Dinner can be a pretty big event on Easter. And you can make it even more special. Gourmet Easter baskets have gourmet wines and decadent cakes to take any meal to the next level. And here you thought Easter baskets were only for the little ones.

Classic Easter Basket

There are certain things that are vital to Easter morning, like tempting chocolate and fun toys. So, in this wonderful basket, we bring together all of those elements to create the perfect Easter gift basket. Include with chocolates and colorful sweet candies, a beautiful stuffed bunny, and don’t forget the Peeps! Make Easter morning totally memorable!

Easter Candy & Toys Basket

No Easter morning is whole without delicious sweets and toys. That’s why you put them together in this candy and toys basket. Inside, your recipient will discover fun treats like a solid chocolate bunny and classic Easter candy, as well as an array of games that will simply make this Easter morning matchless.

Fruit and Gourmet Gift Tower

A gorgeous gift tower is filled with gourmet snacks and fresh fruit, making it an ideal gift for any Easter celebration. Your recipient will like snacking on gourmet cheese and crackers, wafer bites, and gourmet nuts. The beautiful tier box makes for a nice keepsake.

Happy Easter Brownie Cake

Easter not only brings the promise of warm weather, but also for delectable sweets. A festive chocolate brownie cake is a way to celebrate both. This decadent brownie cake with Easter designs will be a hit at any Easter table.

Halloween Gift Baskets Ideas

Halloween can be a harrowing time, but not always because of ghosts and skeletons. To some folks, October 31st denotes bad candy. When you’re working your butt off going around the neighborhood and ringing doorbells, nothing is worse than getting horrible treats. This Halloween, leave the scaring for the trick-or-treaters and give Halloween gift baskets that are filled with all the top sweets.

Favorites Beer Bucket

A Favorites Beer Bucket celebrates the start of all things fall, which means a good selection of dark beers. This gift basket includes remarkable beers that are great for any beer lover you know. Your recipient will not only love the beers inside the basket, but also the variety of gourmet snacks including gourmet popcorn and sausage. This beer bucket makes a perfect gift for any beer lover on your list! For the non-alcoholic type, opt out the beer for teas, fall drinks, gingerbreads and muffins. Don’t forget the pumpkin spice lattes, coffees, and other drinks with pumpkin in them.

Haunted Halloween Care Package

It’s a little scary how perfect this care package is, but given that most people, young and old, are over the moon about Halloween, it’s not a big surprise. As soon as you begin creating this gift, you looked into your spell book and took heed of the season’s tastiest candy with frightening, fun gear. This makes a magical care package for anyone of any age.

Halloween Cookie Pops

These Halloween chocolate treats are terrifyingly delicious. Make a couple of batches and put them in a Halloween gift basket or box. Peanut butter cookies like Nutter Butter are dipped in white and dark chocolate and then decorated to look just like tombstones, bats, and mummies. What better Halloween gift than delightful and frightful Halloween cookie pops?

Precious Cargo: Baby Shower Gift Baskets

A baby shower is a very extraordinary time and it is crucial to pick the right gift. You’ve marked the date on your calendar. You understand that it’s coming. All your other friends have bought their presents weeks in advanced, but you, the only person in the group who can’t select on what gift to bring to your friend’s baby shower.

The truth is, you know nada about babies. You don’t know the difference between a blanket and a diaper. This is your first time attending a baby shower. You know you are horrible at this, and everyone knows it too, but still you must attend. As a test of friendship, what do you do?

Well, for starters you wipe that grim look off of your face, and you put on your I’m happy to be here even if it kills me” expression. Then, you shopping, and you get a baby shower gift basket.

Baby shower gift baskets have everything from teddy bears to hats, blankets to undergarments, and from changing pads to teething toys.

Lots of useful things for baby!

The good thing about baby shower gift baskets is that they are very useful. The folks who put together baby shower gift baskets know what they’re doing. The items that are in a baby shower gift basket are precisely the things that a new mother and newborn will need.

So, you know you’re getting your money’s worth when you buy a baby shower gift basket. Moreover, it will make the mommy-to-be pleased. New mothers need all the assistance they can get, and really when they have their baby or babies! The daily expenses of a family always increase with the addition of a new member. So, it’s best to give gifts that will aid to provide for the needs of the new mama and baby.

Tea Gift Baskets: A Calm and Soothing Present for Any Occasion

One ideal way to fabricate that moment of happiness is to give the other person an exceptional gift basket with quality tea products and a caring message. A tea gift basket says that you cherish and are thinking about the other person and that remembrance will be repeated over and over as they use the quality tea products the basket contains.

Gift Baskets for All Occasions

The flexibility and assortment of gift baskets is limited only by your imagination.

For example:

• A tea gift basket delivers an amazing array of drink choices.
• Spa/bath gift baskets make a great way to relax.
• Gift basket can include subscription gifts like a Coffee of the Month Club.
• A Taste of Italy, Mexico, China, etc. is a great gift basket idea for a person who appreciate the delights foods of different cultures.
• Mani-Pedi gift baskets are great for busy women who have no time for themselves.
• Senior citizens adore gift baskets.
• Kosher gift baskets are great for Jewish individuals.
• A race car fan can appreciate a NASCAR theme gift basket.
• Give a gift basket to a friend or loved one who earned a huge promotion.

A Beautiful Basket!

Special Occasions are Always a Good Time for a Gift Basket:

• Job Anniversary
• High School Graduation/Off to College
• First Home
• Parents-to-Be
• I Love You
• Birthday
• Congratulations
• Sympathy
• Corporate
• Men/Women
• Holidays
• Valentine’s Day
• Mother’s Day
• Easter
• Father’s Day

How do you make a Gift Basket?

You can make your own gift basket, but if you need a huge quantity of gift baskets or want to send to various recipients, it’s might do better partnering with a gift basket company. There are several high- quality gift basket businesses an online and most of them sell through their own website or e-commerce web pages. Either way, there is absolutely no way you can’t get the gift basket of your choice.

Is There Anything Better Than a Chocolate Gift Basket?

When you want a unique way to celebrate a special occasion, send a ‘thank you’ token, or just cheer someone up, chocolate gift baskets provide many chances to make it a notable event.

It’s uncommon to find a person who doesn’t like chocolate, and picking chocolate gift baskets for that special event can be an easy way to send some good energy in a unique way. Chocolate gift baskets can range from simple varieties of quality chocolate bars and baked goods, to extravagant candy bouquets that holds the recipient’s favorite brands of chocolates. From tasty truffles to delightful cookies, you’re guaranteed to find something amazing for that upcoming occasion.

Chocolate gift baskets are a good choice for a hostess at the dinner party, a wedding celebration, or even as a get well soon gift for a person who is sick. Stocked with samples of top name brand chocolates and chocolate bars, chocolate gift baskets make it simple to send an extraordinary gift.

For the recipient who has a gourmet chocolate sweet tooth, an assortment of premium chocolates are available from the world’s finest chocolatiers. Milk chocolate, caramel-filled chocolates, and dark chocolate truffles make it simple to make a customized chocolate gift basket for any chocolate lover. Dark chocolate squares and milk chocolate balls can be used as fillers to make a unique assortment, along with giant chocolate bars, coffee samplers, and boxes of mint chocolates. These can be incorporated in any size gift basket, making a personalized gift with the recipient’s favorite tastes in mind.

Candy bouquets offer a great option for candy enthusiasts. Chocolates and flowers can be put together with the recipient’s favorites.


If you’re looking for an easy way to put someone in good spirits, chocolate gift baskets provide a good alternative to a balloons or flowers.

Say Happy Birthday with a Gift Basket

Are you in disarray in picking a gift for your loved one on his /her birthday? Gifts makes someone feel special and so it’s vital that you pick an appropriate gift for your loved one. Give something that can make the person go on a shopping spree. Take into consideration the individual’s like and dislikes before selecting the gift.

You should try giving someone a birthday gift basket this year. Birthday gift baskets are available in different forms, like

• Custom Birthday Gift Basket
• Happy Birthday Gift Basket
• 50th Birthday Gift Basket
• Baby’s First Birthday Gift Basket
• Men’s Birthday Gift Basket
• Pet Birthday Gift Basket

Aside from a birthday, gift baskets are perfect for any occasion and help to meet both personal and business needs. Gift baskets are made utilizing the best merchandise and gourmet foods. They come in various stunning designs and bring a feeling of personal touch. Gift baskets contain only top quality products including fresh fruit, gourmet food, and wine.

Birthday gift baskets are gorgeously wrapped and hold a message that you want to convey to a person. These gift baskets are offered in different shapes, sizes, and created in such a way that they leave a lifelong impression. Each birthday gift basket is designed distinctively as to communicate your feelings. Besides birthday gift baskets, there are a vast assortment of gift baskets available:

• Romance Gift Basket
• 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Basket
• Valentine Gift Basket
• Vegetarian Gift Basket
• Graduation Gift Basket
• Gourmet Cheese and Meats Gift Basket
• Chocolate Gift Basket
• Engagement Gift Basket
• Parents-to-Be Gift Basket
• Coffee Gift Basket
• Halloween Gift Basket

Today, you can find number of online businesses offering gift baskets. All you need to do is pick the gift basket, pay for it, and have the gift basket delivered to that special individual.

Gift Baskets Make Perfect Christmas Presents

Image result for christmas gift basketsGiving Christmas gift baskets are a great way to sidestep the hard work of finding a proper Christmas gift for even the most challenging of your friends and relatives. You can buy or make Christmas gift baskets that have specific themes to fit the lifestyle and interests of the recipient. One of the fun things about giving themed Christmas gift baskets is utilizing your imagination as you begin to gather the many items needed to fill your gift basket.

You can create your Christmas gift baskets as simple or extravagant as you like. If you are looking for an affordable gift for your children’s teachers or your co-workers that you would like to give during this time of year, then it is quite easy to put together a basket that looks amazing and doesn’t cost a fortune. Your Christmas baskets can contain inexpensive items and thoughtful ones, like soaps, homemade jams, chocolates and Christmas decorations that are simple gotten from your local stores or from a specialty stores that offer these items in bulk.

Food Baskets

One of the most well-known types of Christmas gift basket ideas today is the food basket. You can pack these with an assortment of tasty goodies, from rich desserts and sweets to organic products. Why not try an Mexican Christmas gift basketi, you can fill these with fresh tortillas, salsas and peppers. Don’t forget to add bottles of Mexican beer. For the younger recipients, why not do a snack Christmas gift baskets loaded with popcorn, nuts, and candies. You can make your own personal Christmas gift baskets filled with homemade goodies and items; things you have created yourself. If you like baking and cooking, then this is the ideal way to turn your favorite recipes into an entire gift for all on your Christmas gift list.

Givin’ Some Lovin’ on Valentine’s Day with a Sexy Gift Basket

Image result for sexy valentines gift basket A lot of folks associate gift baskets with holidays, job promotions, and justly so. Gift baskets are delightful gifts for these events and numerous others. A gift basket also make a remarkable gift for Valentine’s Day. With numerous gift baskets available now for any gift giving, it’s no surprise people are beginning to see that Valentine’s Day is the ideal holiday for gift baskets.

If ever there were a “bigger is better” special day, it would be Valentine’s Day. A dozen red roses are swell, but four dozen red roses with baby’s breath and a decorative vase is magnificent. For this alone, Valentine’s Day gift baskets are the way to go. Most Valentine’s Day gift baskets come in many sizes and can be given with balloons, teddy bears, or just about anything else. Best of all, Valentine’s Day gift baskets aren’t just restricted to chocolates, even though chocolate is one of the most widespread products for Valentine’s Day.

From expensive perfumes and spa products to gourmet chocolates, there is no limit to the options available when selecting a Valentine’s Day gift basket. Many specialty stores take extreme care to put together Valentine’s day gift baskets that contain products meant to make this loving holiday an unforgettable one.

I think we all can agree, a gourmet food gift basket with flowers is an extraordinary gift to send to your significant other at his or her place of business. Flowers continuously score points with everyone, particularly in front of someone’s coworkers, but a chocolate or gourmet food gift basket is a present that the whole office can enjoy. All offices love the person who has the snacks. There is no better way to make them go from jealous to grateful and it will bring the whole office by your loved one’s desk to stop, smell the roses, and eat.