What to Put in a College Gift Basket

If off to college for a freshman or going back for a new school year, or just for a semester, students always love being thought of. A college gift Basket full of helpful things that students may forget to bring along is a winner. Here are some ideas of helpful things to put in the gift basket. If you can think of anything else, remember your college days, just include it!

  • Batteries
  • Binder Clips
  • Bubble Gum and/or Mints
  • Chip Clips-large and small bag clip in an assortment of colors
  • Chlorox Wipes
  • Duct Tape-Duck Brand, clear tape, masking tape. FYI- Duck brand comes in over 40 school colors and logos, not to mention Glow-In-The-Dark
  • Clipboard
  • Deck of Cards
  • Dish Towels
  • Drink Coasters-silicone drink coasters
  • Dry Erase Board and dry erase markers for the board
  • Dusting Cloths-Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are easily reusable by just rinsing out them out
  • Ear Plugs
  • Flip Flops
  • Glow Sticks-Because glow in the dark is just really fun
  • Lingerie Bag for Laundry
    Lint Roller
  • Lip Balm
  • First Aid Kit-an all-purpose first aid kit will do the trick for those every day scraps and run ins. Make sure it is a complete one so the person doesn’t have to make a trip while trying to take care of their little boo-boo
  • Paper Clips
  • Poncho
  • Removable Wall Hangers-Command Large Utility Hook are economical and the best. At the end of the year, the hooks can be peeled right off the wall
  • Roll of Quarters-Although plenty of campuses have gone completely to card swipe systems, you will still find vending machines on some. Also, they can be used for campuses that still take quarters.
  • Safety Pins
  • School Colors or Logo Coffee Mug
  • Small Flashlight
  • Stamps
  • Stapler
  • Sticky Notes

Gift Baskets for Pets

If you’re struggling to find a nice gift for that dog (or dog-lover) in your life, look no further. Check out these gift baskets ideas.

Thanksgiving Feast Gift Basket

All dogs think that Thanksgiving is the best holiday. A Thanksgiving basket is the ideal gift for a hungry hound.

A dog’s Thanksgiving gift basket includes:

  • Seasonal flavored biscuits
  • Pumpkin Pie Biscuit
  • Turkey Leg Dog Biscuit
  • Candy Corn Biscuit
  • Apple Dog Biscuit
  • Fall Leaf Decorated Treat

Welcome Home – New Pet Basket

There’s no brighter way to welcome home a dog than with a gift basket of chews and treat. Include:   wheat free monster cookie, packages of trainers, assorted and decorated treats for them to munch on, and a natural chew that’s completely digestible.

Party Animal Dog Gift Basket

Let them bark for this party dog gift basket because you can give them cake and let them eat it too. A tail good time will be had by all puppies that enjoy this basket because it’s complete with yummy treats and a plush play toy.

  • Plenty of biscuits
  • Bakery fresh hand decorated biscuits
  • Plush Toy

Dog Get Well Gift

Dog get well gift basket is amazing gift to give to any dog that is not feeling well. Not only can you put in a themed get-well container but fill it with products that will help the owner carry out the Doctor’s orders.

Include a doggy pill container complete with paw prints. Each part is marked with big letters on each day so you he can get his daily doses of medication.

To get the doggie to take his medication, include the very helpful pill pockets. Pill pockets disguised as a treat has an open center and end where you can simple drop in the pills, squeeze shut the opening and give him a treat and the medicatio

Unique Gift Basket Ideas

The Man Can

Everything he needs to keep his skin feeling, looking great can be rounded up and put in a gift basket. It can include things like hand butter, shave gel, scrub soap, and after shaving lotion. You can put all the things in a reusable basket so he can use it again after all the products are gone.

Sweet Nostalgia

Give all the sweet they can handle and take them back to a time past with candies that have been around for years. They’ll surely remember these from being a child: Clark bar, Pop Rocks, a candy necklace, gummy bears, Now and Laters.

Craft Beer & Snacks Basket

If they enjoy craft beer, this is the gift basket to give them. Include plenty of snacks to go along with that beer and you don’t put any light beer in there. Include beers such as Guinness, Heineken, Newcastle, and Red Stripe. These are beers that you can slowly enjoy and not just chug.

Bath & Body Invigoration

Give them this gift basket and they’re sure to thank you when they see you next time. Includes plenty of things to help them renew their body, with things like lip balm, body lotion, and foot cream. You’ll be helping them out from head to toe so they can truly come alive.

The Entertainer

This gift basket is a party in a box and can include playing cards, wine, dominoes, and dice. You can also put an engraving label on the basket to personalize it and make it really special. If they love to entertain you must make them The Entertainer basket.

Gluten-Free Gift Basket

If they’re gluten free you don’t have to worry about what gift to make them. You can just make them a gluten-free gift basket and they’ll be happy. Includes lots of goodies that are all gluten-free so they can indulge without messing up their diet.

Cheese Gift Baskets Are All the Rage

Cheese gift baskets have been everywhere for years, but have evolved quite nicely into personalized gifts for anyone on your list. No longer is basic fruit, cheeses, and crackers the gift of choice. Today, these gift baskets come all-inclusive with gourmet meats, chocolates, and wines to offer a way to tempt the taste buds of your gift recipient.

A Selection of Cheeses

Where to Shop for Cheese Gift Baskets

There are an assortment of retailers that provide cheese gift baskets, and you can check online for one nearby. When you order your basket from a store, this gives you the benefit of being able to sample some of the fare that is included. However, there are numerous retailers online that can provide a large variety in cheese gift baskets and a number of other designs and styles.

The advantage to online shopping is that you can buy your gift from the coziness of your home, and have it shipped directly to the door of your gift recipient. Most of the websites that provide this type of merchandise will provide complete descriptions of precisely what is included in the gift basket and specific instructions about ordering and delivery.

Cheese Gift Baskets are perfect for Any Occasion

Do you have friends who are celebrating a special day? Did your brother just move into a new house, or is your sister recovering from surgery? Regardless the holiday or occasion, there will be a cheese gift basket that will be the perfect sentiment. For a loving touch, include a bottle of wine with your cheese that makes for an intimate picnic.

For a get-well or sympathy gift basket, you can include chicken soup, a rich dessert that is certain to lift spirits. Housewarming gifts can have a little bit of everything, so include a decorative cheese board and slicer.


Gifts For The Wine Lover On Your Shopping List

Presents For The Wine Fan On Your Shopping List
Source: Flickr

If there are individuals on your wish list who take pleasure in drinking wine, consider offering them a wine gift for this gift giving celebration. Wine presents are an extremely thoughtful gift that the recipient can really use. And depending on the type of wine or the type of wine gift, it is generally an affordable gift. Rates on bottles of wine can vary according to brand name, the kind of wine, and the year where it was produced. Nevertheless, there makes certain to be a bottle of wine that is well within your budget.

When Is It Suitable To Offer A Bottle Of Wine As A Present?

If you are attending a celebration party, a bottle of wine makes the best present. Presents of wine are an excellent option for housewarming parties, celebrations commemorating a raise or promotion, retirement gifts, wedding event presents, birthday presents, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, and obviously, New Year’s presents. It is something that everybody at the celebration or vacation get together can enjoy. Let’s face it, a party does appear to spruce up when the bottle has actually been popped open. It is likewise a fantastic present for your mate if you are preparing a romantic night in event of Valentine’s day, an anniversary, a birthday, or to just let them know that you’re considering them.

Other Types Of Wine Gifts

A wine gift doesn’t always have to be a bottle of wine. It can likewise be a present that’s associated with wine, such as a wine key, wine glasses, drink rollercoasters, a wine bottle holder, a wine rack, or perhaps wine themed decoration. Anything that relates to wine is thought about a wine present, and the wine lover in your life will most certainly welcome it.

Everyone who consumes wine should have a good wine key in their home. Even if it’s an economical one, it will be valued. Nevertheless, there are wine secrets that are a bit more expensive that need some arm and wrist stamina to open the bottle. This makes an excellent present for someone who likes wine but dislikes opening the bottles.

Wine themed decor likewise makes a great gift concept for the wine fan. This type of design will have depictions of wine bottles, grapes, vineyards, or perhaps even cheese. Numerous clocks, candle lights, candleholders, wall plaques and paintings are readily available in this style and make charming decorations in the dining room and kitchen area. If the gift recipient currently owned and operates a wine rack, then wine glasses or designs to place on and around the rack would be great wine gift ideas.

Wine Present Baskets Make A Thoughtful Gift

Another concept for a wine present is a present basket. These present baskets usually consist of a bottle wine, maybe some meats and cheeses, as well as an opener, or anything else to do with wine. These also make terrific gifts that are thoughtful, specifically if your develop it yourself. It is a gift the wine enthusiast in your life makes sure to enjoy. The very best part about offering the present of wine is that if you stick around, you might even get to delight in the wine yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you’re offering a bottle of wine, a wine accessory, or design, it’s the thought of giving that will impress the person or couple that you are providing it to. So, this present giving event, make sure to consider offering the present of wine.