Cocktail Gift Basket

A cocktail gift basket is a great idea for someone who likes to get their drink on. They’re simple to put together and can be personalized to the recipient’s personal taste, regardless if it’s gin or whiskey.

You can give the basket a theme, such as a basket centered around creating all flavors of margaritas.

Baskets filled with liquor, snacks, and bar accessories are perfect for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any special occasion. The options are endless and here are some to get you going.

Building Your Basket

To start, pick two or three signature cocktails that use the same base liquor (brandy, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, or whiskey). Next, put in the necessary liquors and mixers (e.g., juices, syrups, etc.) for those drinks. The aim is to make fun and easy baskets that all will enjoy.

Things to Put in the Basket

Add any of these to provide the ultimate cocktail experience:

Two Martini glasses with bartender tools

Recipe cards or a cocktail book, because you don’t know if they know what to do with all this stuff. For recipe cards, write them out by hand or print them out in a cute design.

Rimming salts or sugars are festive additions, specifically for margaritas or other sweet drinks.

Garnishes like maraschino cherries, uncut citrus fruits, and olives.

Cocktail picks are fabulous since there’s a need for something to skewer those olives and other garnishes.

Coasters with funky designs and cocktail napkins should be included.

Cocktail shakers are always a hoot.

Other important bar tools they might not have, like a jigger, bar spoon, or Hawthorne strainer. Other non-essential tools will be very useful and fun too.

Glassware finishes the basket and is still useful after the last cocktail is drunk.

Don’t forget to include some snacks! Standard bar goodies such as mixed nuts, crackers, cheese, peanuts or popcorn. Try your hand at making some homemade desserts or cookies.