Cool Gift Ideas for Recent Grads

Those graduating college are expecting quite the celebration. After all, some universities are downright grueling.

Unfortunately, as young adults, college students are also challenging to buy gifts. They are older than they were in high school, but not yet experienced to feel like an average “grown up”.

Before you wind up including a gift certificate from a local Tampa tree service, below are some practical, and cool, gift ideas that they will surely love.

Know Their Interests

Millennials today are looking for old ways to save money daily. Whether that has prompted them to take up crocheting, fishing, or even making their own organic soaps, today’s college grads are more frugal than previous generations.

If you know ahead of time what sorts of hobbies that they enjoy, you can always cater to those interests. You can buy a set of new sewing patterns, professional baking tools, even books on the subject.

Box Subscriptions

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, especially those that get geared towards learning rather than collecting stuff. In fact, today’s college grads are turning to learning how to cook over eating meals out.

Even those who have never operated a stove before are putting together meals with the help of subscription boxes. Best of all, most provide a free trial to see if they enjoy it.

A Hand-Me-Down Book

No, I don’t mean your old Harry Potter set. If there was a particularly influential book that you found helpful when you graduated, providing them with the same copy or even your own can add a ton of sentimental value.

That is especially true if you wrote notes in the margins or highlighted specific passages. By handing them the same words that helped you, it can give them an added boost of confidence.

A Plane Ticket

Although gift cards are usually impersonal, is there anything better than handing a recent grad a plane ticket to anywhere? When someone is ready to start discovering who they are, a trip anywhere they want is sure to please.

Even if you only gift them with enough to help cover the ticket costs can create lasting memories. Many airlines offer gift cards that can be used to purchase tickets, all without costing them out of pocket.