Creating Gift Baskets for Co-Workers (Part I)

Your co-worker will enjoy these gift basket ideas.

You can’t choose your coworkers, but sometimes you get fortunate and there are some you really want to be friends with. These gifts for coworkers will let you display your fondness and create an even more cordial working relationship.


These cards will aid your coworker is telling you how they’re feeling. They’re great to use and can really be helpful when the information is relevant. You should use your own judgment to see if these would be a good fit for the right person in your office.

Desk Accessory Holder

This desk accessory holds plenty of stuff and displays someone that’s doing great work at multitasking. He’s got a pen in his mouth, roll of tape in his hands, more pens behind him, and paper clips all over the desk. An irreverent piece to ensure it’s office appropriate.

Countdown to Retirement Clock

This is a great gift the longer they have to go to retirement. It can be a great reminder that the two of you have plenty more time to hang out together. Also, it can be a kind gift if their retirement is just around the corner and they’re getting eager about it.

Executive Decision Maker

Here’s a great gift that demonstrates the type of decision making that takes place at the top levels of the organization. Spin it and see where it goes. There are decisions like Maybe, Pass the Buck, and Sit on It. That’s pretty much what appears to go on with the big wigs.

Desktop Golf

If they’d rather be on the green instead of the office, you have to get them this desktop golf game. When the boss isn’t looking, they can practice their putting and at least be able to submerge themselves in some type of golf game.