Creating Gift Baskets for Co-Workers (Part II)


Modular Magnetic Pen

This magnetic pen will deliver hours of downtime and works too so it isn’t just a toy. It’s a helpful item that makes it appear as if they’re being productive. The pen is totally made out of magnets, so there are numerous ways to reshape it and move it.

Cubicle Guest Book

If they’re never at their cubicle when you come by for a visit, offer them this guest book so you can begin signing in to let them know that you were there when they were out. It includes prompts for all the info that they’ll need when they return.

Keep in touch with your work bestie even if your phone is out of signal.


Walkie Talkies

What’s your 20? When mobile phones won’t get reception, you go old school. These walkie talkies allow you to stay in touch within a very big radius. It will be like the time you use to play with your BFF as a kid. 10-4. Over and out

Perpetual Calendars

These calendars look fabulous and serve a purpose at the same time. They are really a conversation starter in the office. They can have them on their desk or mount them on the wall. You just move the magnet to point to the correct month and day.

Super Magnetic Putty

Here’s a truly cool desk topper, it’s putty that can be played with. Also, it’s magnetic, so it’s ideal for sticking paper clips to. It’s good for cleaning up messes like when you drop a load of paper clips or staples.

Office Jargon Stamp

Help them keep up with all the office jargon that should be written down with this office jargon stamp. It includes sayings like I’m in the Loop and What is it this time? These are phrases that you usually hear being said around the office.