Creating Gift Baskets for Co-Workers (Part III)

Help your coworkers protect their coffee and get them a coffee cup holder.

Best Coffee Cup Holder

This is a good gift for the coworker that always is spilling their coffee or other beverage at their desk. It’s a very considerable gift that will help lessen the number of spills and keep the employee happier and more productive all day.

Ninja Stars Push Pins

The ideal gift for the office ninja. He or she can ornament their office space with these ninja star push pins. They perform the job of a regular push pin, but they have the appearance that a ninja has been there with a star wedged right into the wall.

Playable Art Cube

This art cube not only looks fabulous on their desk, but it allows them to shift and shape the pieces around when they’re looking for a way to keep their hands busy. Colorful and bright, it looks like a piece of art when in a cube form and in any other form.

Complaint Department Mug

If they’re the sort of coworker that doesn’t handle complaints too well, you can give them this complaint department grenade coffee mug. It really sends the message to unsuspecting complainers and has a really unique look when it comes to coffee mugs.

Desktop Dogs

These desktop dogs are cute and every one of them as their own purpose. One has a magnetic nose that holds paper clips easily at hand. Another one keeps a pack of sticky notes as if he’s got the morning paper. They’re perfect for dog-loving coworkers.

Mini Buddha Board

These boards let the user write messages on them that fade away, only to be written again. They are crazy fun and you just can’t help writing on them once you see how they operate. They can be huge stress reducers too, helping you find that inner calm.