Creative Gift Basket Ideas for Artists

Adult coloring books are the optimal gift for the artist in your life.

Some of the top gifts for artists will appeal to their creative and artistic nature or make their job a little more comfortable or fun. Below are some of the best gifts to get their creative juices going or keep them flowing.

Brush Vase

Get a brush vase with a striking design and is particularly apt for the painter in your life. The base of the vase can be made up of various sized paintbrushes. Buy one that will be easily seen on any desk.

Artist Brush & Stylus

This brush is really a stylus that allows an artist to bring their touch right into a tablet or smartphone. It’s a blending of the new and the old as it gives them a familiar tool in the form of a paintbrush. Though, it’s a new canvas in the form of a touch screen.

Expert Level Coloring Book

Give them a challenge with a professional level coloring book. They’ll have to possess some rock-solid concentration to remain in the lines when there are so many various lines. But the finished pieces come out looking fabulous and any artist will love a break from having to create from scratch.

Artistic Coasters

Do you know an artist that likes to showcase their work on Instagram? If so, you can surprise them with artistic coasters that can be made by taking Instagram pics and putting them into coaster form. An eye-catching gift.

Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet

Ideal for those who are just learning graphic design or those who are experts at it, this pen has new technology. This means it supports 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, so it’ll pick up any tiny stroke you do. What a way for the artist in your life to totally express their creativity.