Dentist Gift Basket Ideas (Part II)

Get your dentist a tumbler.

Personalized Dentist Tumbler

For a more low-cost alternative to the YETI brand mugs, try the Polar Camel tumblers. They test the same as YETI, just without the logo and the high cost. 

This is our personalized dentist tumbler, which is made to include the tooth image and your dentist’s name and more. Pick from seven various colors, with amazing bulk discount costs so you can get one for every team member.

Dental Crown Necklace

Dentist jewelry with flair and style… How about a crowned tooth necklace? Available in rose gold, silver, or gold, this necklace is the ideal gift for a dental assistant, dentist, or secretary. Celebrate a real professional!

Cacao Nibs: A Healthy Treat for Your Teeth

Did you know that dark chocolate is not only becoming famous as an antioxidant-rich superfood, it also has numerous benefits for your teeth? Your dentist possibly knows this. According to research, the elements in chocolate might even be more effective at compacting tooth decay than fluoride.

So, if you’re looking for top-quality niche gifts for dentists, get some Organic Cacao Nibs. These are about as near as you can get to the custom cocoa bean, giving you supreme benefits chocolate has to provide.

You can also go with some top-quality 70% or higher dark chocolate. This isn’t as “pure” as the cacao nibs since it has a touch of sugar, but it’s still very tasty and healthy for a dentist.

Just Floss It Dentist Gift T-Shirt

A new take on the famous Nike athletic swoosh. This is a first-rate fit dentist humor t-shirt that comes in numerous colors, perfect for the active dental professional.  

Tooth Socks

Anyone with an eccentric sense of fashion and humor will adore these novelty dentist socks. Patients with a good eye will get a laugh out of these, and they’re comfortable as well.