DIY Apple Gift Basket Ideas

If you’re searching for a tasty gift, apple gift baskets are the way to go.

America’s favorite food is ideal for delightful, tasty personalized gifts. Searching for an inspired, economical holiday gift?

The chief ingredient might already be in your kitchen: Apples, an ideal centerpiece for a custom, create-your-own gift basket.

Apples are low-cost, delicious, loved worldwide and always available. Presenting them in a pretty basket that you’ve complemented with other individualized gifts makes for a really healthy and creative holiday gift.

Giving apples also says that you care about your recipient’s well-being. Adding extra items shows you took the time to make something really special for them.

Get an artful basket, either one you already have or an inexpensive basket from a craft store, grocery store, or big-box retailer.

Fill with wholesome, delicious apples. Yellow, red, and green: the more colorful, the merrier.

Personalize with trinkets or foods your recipient will love. Nothing fancy, stocking stuffers will do.

Think about a theme for the basket. Is the recipient a golf addict? Bird watcher? Music lover? Match the theme to the person.

Accent with ribbons and personalized labels. They will know this was made by you just for them. Want inspiration for your DIY Apple Gift Basket? Here are some ideas:

  • For children: fill a bright basket with colorful apples, crackers and other fun surprises such as small toys or books.
  • For fitness lovers: Give your workout special person a jump on his or her New Year’s resolutions with a basket full of post-workout snacks such as gym accessories, apples and walnuts, and a healthy-eating cookbook.
  • For those with a sweet tooth: Have someone who loves sweets? Satisfy their cravings with a basket of apples as well as honey, caramel, and chocolate sauce.
  • For co-workers, friends, and family: Regardless if you’re playing secret Santa or searching for a last-minute gift, create a basket for a perfect night in. A wonderful assortment of apples. Include cheeses, wines, a cheese slicer, and a wine stopper.