Easter Gift Baskets Ideas

Sure, the Easter bunny is really cute. But just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it’s got the top Easter baskets. Actually, gift baskets for Easter come in all shape and sizes. Today’s Easter gifts aren’t just limited to candy. Dinner can be a pretty big event on Easter. And you can make it even more special. Gourmet Easter baskets have gourmet wines and decadent cakes to take any meal to the next level. And here you thought Easter baskets were only for the little ones.

Classic Easter Basket

There are certain things that are vital to Easter morning, like tempting chocolate and fun toys. So, in this wonderful basket, we bring together all of those elements to create the perfect Easter gift basket. Include with chocolates and colorful sweet candies, a beautiful stuffed bunny, and don’t forget the Peeps! Make Easter morning totally memorable!

Easter Candy & Toys Basket

No Easter morning is whole without delicious sweets and toys. That’s why you put them together in this candy and toys basket. Inside, your recipient will discover fun treats like a solid chocolate bunny and classic Easter candy, as well as an array of games that will simply make this Easter morning matchless.

Fruit and Gourmet Gift Tower

A gorgeous gift tower is filled with gourmet snacks and fresh fruit, making it an ideal gift for any Easter celebration. Your recipient will like snacking on gourmet cheese and crackers, wafer bites, and gourmet nuts. The beautiful tier box makes for a nice keepsake.

Happy Easter Brownie Cake

Easter not only brings the promise of warm weather, but also for delectable sweets. A festive chocolate brownie cake is a way to celebrate both. This decadent brownie cake with Easter designs will be a hit at any Easter table.