Gamer Gift Basket

Is your boo one of those super-hard-to-shop-for dudes? The one who doesn’t need much or just want pricey gadgets that are way out of your budget?

So many men like to play video games in their spare time and with that in mind, below are some ideal gift basket ideas for gamers. They will surely appreciate them and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

A lot of men like to play video games in their spare time so give them a gift that’s thoughtful, creative, and unique.

I love to give my man creative, thoughtful, and unique gifts, but he doesn’t always appreciate them like practical, simple gifts. These baskets deliver the perfect balance since they provide the best of both worlds – practical and creative!

Printable Gifts for Gamers

Take your basket idea to the next level. Go online to see what some others have done for gamer gift baskets. One that is cute and uncostly is to print out “favors” for your gamers. You’ll be impressed with some of the printable ideas that you can include in a gift basket with the usual favorite video games, snacks, new controllers, etc. These printables are cute, but not too cute for your man to like.

Seriously, how much would your man enjoy getting a basket filled with various goodies? The best part is the gamer gift basket couldn’t be simpler to put together. Have a banner across the front of it saying “Baby, You’ve Got Game” and begin adding little gaming fundamentals. Instead of a basket, you can just put everything into a wooden crate so it will be a little more “manly” for your man.

You don’t have to do a lot of shopping to make this basket. You can write some gamer-themed love notes on card stock, put them in, and then your man can use them while he’s gaming to get a kiss or something else he might want.