Gift Basket Ideas for Burger Lovers

Do you know someone who’s crazy about burgers? These gifts will put a smile on their face.

Do you know someone who would eat a burger every day of the week if they could? Purchase them one of these burger-inspired gifts.

Burger Press

Make the perfect burger each time with a cast-aluminum press. Regardless if you like a pub-style burger or a burger patty on the slim side, you can regulate the thickness and weight of every press.

Burger + Fries Socks

Show your devotion to burgers everywhere you go with a pair of patterned socks. Made of combed, premium cotton, they’re ideal for layering under a pair of dress pants or jeans.

Burger Flipper

Guarantee an even char on your burgers with a durable flipper. It’s perfect for maneuvering under a patty.

Burger Pillow

You’ve probably never thought about cozying up with a hamburger until now. An adorable mini burger pillow is a comfy addition to your couch, bed, or kitchen.

Melting Dome

Get gooey cheese in each bite of your burger with the aid of a melting dome. This stainless-steel gadget goes over a burger as it cooks, keeping the heat inside and rapidly melting the cheese.

Burger Friendship Keychains

Remember those old friendship necklaces you own in school? This contemporary equivalent is an adorable burger keychain. You keep one half and give the other to a fellow burger-lover.

Burger Lift

Say bye to mushy buns. This clever device lifts a burger creation off the plate. So regardless of how juicy your burger gets the bun stays dry.

Potato Cutter

Who can eat a burger without fries? A durable potato cutter converts plain old spuds into perfect slices ready for frying. Get the ketchup ready!

Mini Slider Set 

Slider lovers, this is for you! This creative item makes it simple to press, shape, and cook the perfect set of mini burgers.