Gift Basket Ideas for Cancer Patients (Part I)


Someone you love has cancer. You would like to give them a gift basket. But did you know that some typical gift basket items are a huge no-no for cancer patients, while some things you may not have considered would be greatly appreciated?

Gift baskets can make fantastic presents. Each one is distinct, offering creativity and variety. You can customize the gift to the specific person you’re giving the basket to. All the more reason to create your basket by hand instead of purchasing one already made.

Having Cancer

Many of the pre-made baskets found in stores contain food or spa items such as scented candles and lotions. For cancer patients, radiation and chemo can change their sense of smell. This means their favorite candle or perfume might become insufferable and cause nausea.

Likewise, treatment can alter taste buds or even produce mouth sores, meaning your loved one who used to love sea salt cashews may not want to even look at them. Some patients have dietary restrictions so gifting them something they can’t enjoy is torture. Use this article as your guide for making the perfect gift basket for your loved one who is in treatment.

Give your loved one a spa gift basket to put a smile on their face.

Spa Day Gift Basket

Pamper your friend with a basket full of unscented lotions since cancer patients can have a sensitive sense of smell. Other great items are lip balms, slippers, a plush bathrobe a back scratcher or massager. Put in a CD of soothing music and noises or make a playlist.

Entertainment and Enjoyment Gift Basket

Cancer treatment can take a toll on patients mentally, physically, and emotionally. Offer distraction and entertainment with a basket filled with enjoyable items including books (like audiobooks), board games, mad libs or cards to play with loved ones, tickets to the movies, a local museum, or sports games.