Gift Basket Ideas for Cancer Patients (Part II) 314 words

Cancer can take it’s toll on faith.

Keep the Faith Gift Basket

A cancer diagnosis can test one’s faith. This gift basket is not for everyone. However, if your loved one is spiritual, offer them a basket with the poems, scripture, amazing photos, and an online subscription to sermons. You can offer to pray with them as a lovely gesture.

During your Treatment Gift Basket

Include items to assist your loved one through their treatment. A journal and pen will be helpful to record how they are feeling, side effects, improvements, track progress, a spot to vent and be frustrated. Put in an inspirational book like Tari Prinster’s Yoga For Cancer, The New York Time’s Picture Your Life After Cancer, or Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture. Another nice gesture is a gift card to a local store for daily essentials like unscented lotion and tissues.

Treatment Travel Gift Basket

Many patients have to go far for treatment at particular cancer medical centers. This means numerous flights, hotels, or long drives as well as time in waiting rooms. Fill up a gift basket with traveling necessities such as toothpaste, mini unscented soaps, toothbrush, a portable charger, good books, and magazines.

Good for… Jar

Your loved one may be most grateful for something that isn’t even a physical item. Fill a decorative jar with “good for” notes that offer to take care of the lawn, cook dinner, do the laundry, walk the dog, watch the kids, shovel the snow and more.

Gift Card Bucket

Join forces on this basket with a couple of friends as it may get a little expensive. Fill a basket with different gift cards to aid with the expenses that cancer can sustain. Grocery store cards, gas cards, pharmacy cards, movie theater cards, handwritten “card” offering to cover the cost of a monthly bill, gift cards to their preferred store, etc.