Gift Basket Ideas for Cat Lovers

Cat lover’s gift baskets are created with special cats in mind, making the baskets nice cat gifts for any occasion. With a cat lover’s gift basket, you’ll always express the precise sentiment you want to say. On the other hand, if you yourself are a cat lover, think about astounding your own cat for no reason at all.

A gift basket for a cat lover is sure to bring joy to both the owner and the cat.

If you want to put a little human gift into the cat lover’s gift basket, below are a few items you might want to consider:

  • candy
  • dried fruit
  • gourmet cheese
  • popcorn
  • cracker or cookie packets
  • cat figurine
  • cat picture frame
  • cat book
  • cat inspired charm or magnet


When to Send a Cat Lover’s Gift Basket

You can send a cat gift basket at any time including:

  • thanks to a pet sitter for being so great
  • thanks to organizations such as local shelters
  • thanks to, your veterinarian’s office, groomers, pet stores
  • congratulations to someone on becoming a vet tech
  • a “welcome to the family” for a new or adopted kitten or cat
  • get well wish for kitty to “pounce back” soon


Contents of an Online Gift Basket

Be sure that any food items or treats in an online gift basket are always the freshest possible. If you buy a gift basket online you can also expect most businesses to attach a handwritten gift card with a special message from you, putting a personal touch that the cat lover can keep as a reminder of your considerate gesture.

Because so many folks treat their pets like one of the family, gift baskets for cat lovers are great for both cat and owner alike. It doesn’t matter the reason, to celebrate the cat’s birthday, its owner’s birthday, or to say hello, both cat and owner will be happy to get a cat lovers gift basket.