Gift Basket Ideas for Makeup Lovers

If you know a girl who loves to do her make up, then she will love this gift basket.

Makeup is a girl’s best friend, except for their shoes. We all have that one friend who thinks that “makeup is life”. They have this vast collection of beauty and make-up products that can last them a lifetime but still desires more.

So, if you are presently looking for the ideal present to give to a makeup lover, why not try one of these gift basket ideas that will make any makeup lover sway! They will love you forever!

Any makeup addict has a complete set of makeup from foundations to lip gloss. But it is never wrong to create a gift basket full with assorted makeup including lipsticks, lip tints, foundations, blush, mascara, eyeliners, eye-shadows, and more. In fact, she will fall in love with it. If you need help deciding what to get, go to YouTube or any online beauty blog for some cool ideas.

She will have more shades and hues to pick from and get creative with her makeup. And even though she may have a makeup collection that can last her a lifetime, truly there are always new makeup products coming out that she does not have and would really love to try out.

Assorted Makeup Tools Gift Basket

If you think she doesn’t have any more rooms for new makeup products, then give her a basket filled with makeup tools as well as makeup storages. Makeup tools like various size makeup brushes, makeup spatulas to scrape every little drop of foundation from the bottle, eyelashes curler, lipstick markers so she won’t waste actual lipsticks marking and so much more.

For makeup storage, you can add a few various sized pouches for to-go makeup storage as well as brush and lipstick holders. Or, you can add a makeup organizer that can be really helpful for any makeup lovers.