Gift Basket Ideas for People Who are Always Hot

If you know someone who is always hot, these gifts will cool them off with no doubt.

This cool gift basket idea is aimed at folks who complain about being hot at temps that make you wear a second layer. Read on for a list of items to cool off your recipient from head to toe.

I must admit that being an “always cold” type of individual, this gift basket idea was unknown territory for me. But thanks to my spouse who is always hot, I found some really cool products out there to use to cool off in every possible way.

Take a look at the below list for guidance. It begins with the obvious and goes on with some very cool ideas for anyone suffering from menopause side effects, hot weather, excessive internal body heat or just likes to feel cool temps.

Gift basket ingredients

  • Air-con control coupon: a 100% free cool gift basket idea. If you live with the person who will be getting the gift basket and you are feeling it, print out a coupon giving your recipient total control over the AC remote and hand it to him/her wrapped prettily.  If you think you may freeze to death, as a result, read on to the next gift ideas.
  • Hand fan
  • Popsicle molds
  • Mint flavor chewing gum: the stronger the better. If you can’t make them cooler, you can give them the illusion of it.
  • Cooling lip balm: lip balms have ingredients that offer a cooling minty sensation to the lips.
  • Wipes: always come in handy for a fast refresher on the go. There are some distinct cooling wipes available as well, specifically giving a cooling effect.
  • Cooling insoles: special insoles to put inside shoes for improved feet ventilation. They typically also shield against unpleasant odors and some are filled with liquid gel to cool feet in hot conditions.