Gift Basket Ideas for Swimmers (Part I)


Swimmers don’t require much while exercising. However, the below-swimming gifts basket ideas can make any swimmer like swimming even more.

These are some great gift ideas that the swimmer in your life with love.

Swimmer Gift Basket Ideas

  • Container – basket, mesh bag, sports bag, swim cap (for smaller gift baskets).
  • Goggles – one of the most-needed swimming gifts. They come in a host of prices, colors, and sizes.
  • Earplugs – Helps prevent “swimmers ear.” Get ones that are designed for water-based sports.
  • Nose clip – this is the perfect swimming gift for those who hate the feel of water going up their nose and want to keep the pool water in the pool.
  • Swim cap – a silicone or latex swim cap is ideal for swimmers with long hair as it keeps the hair away from the eyes. Some state it also aids in protecting hair against chlorine.
  • Kickboard – held by the arms while improving and strengthening leg kicking ability.
  • Swim fins – Allowing to concentrate on kicking technique without over-straining leg muscles. Note:  they come in different sizes so be sure you know which size to get.
  • Swim Paddles – worn on hands, help enhance good stroke technique.
  • Pull buoy – put between legs to neutralize them and increase upper body workout.
  • Mesh bag- good for carrying all the above-wet gear after practice. Also, can serve as this gift basket’s container.
  • Car seat covers – waterproof removable covers to keep car seats dry after swimming practice.
  • Waterproof pouch/ziplock plastic bag – useful for protecting “water sensitive” items like money, cell phone, etc. If you include a ziplock bag in your swimmer gift basket, use a permanent marker to write something like “Jack’s safe- will self-distract it messed with!” on it. This way Jack doesn’t wonder why you included an empty plastic bag in the gift basket.