Gift Basket Ideas for Swimmers (Part II)

Your swimmer can really benefit from these gifts.

Want to splurge a little more? Here are some high-budget ideas:

  • Swim parka – a perfect gift for serious swimmers. A coat like a parka made with water-resistant Nylon shell and fleece lining to keep swimmers warm during competitions or training sessions.
  • TI Swimming lessons – TI (Total Immersion) is a distinct swimming technique allowing swimmers to swim the same distance with fewer strokes and therefore conserve energy. A value to any swimmer. You can view a list of TI certified-coaches around the globe. There are even downloadable self-coaching tool kits that make ideal last-minute swimming gifts.
  • Waterproof MP – swimming can get…how to put it mildly…boring! Listening to music while you are doing it is the perfect way to pass the time.
  • Heart rate monitor – a wristwatch device and a chest strap with built-in sensor. It will track heart rate, speed, distance, calories burned and more. Be sure to get one that is suitable for swimming as various monitors are aimed at various sport types.
  • Energy bars – for between or after workouts.
  • Swimming music – If your gift person owns a waterproof MP, here’s an idea for a nice homemade swimming gift. Make a collection of songs matching your swimmer’s taste to keep him/her going. Put it on a CD or disk-on-key for your recipient to download onto MP.
  • Towel – another traditional swimming gift to dry simmer off after a workout.
  • Travel size toiletries – to be used in the shower after workout. You can also get travel-size toiletry sets that come in their own travel cases.
  • Lock – for shower room locker. Get a lock that is “key-free.”
  • Books and magazines about swimming.
  • Body Massage gift voucher – for all those aching muscles that would love to get a massage. You don’t really need to swim to love this gift.