Gift Baskets for Caregivers


Caregiver gift baskets are the ideal way to express our care, love, and kindness for those who care for others. Caregivers are neighbors, family, and friends who stand by those they love as they deal with aging, chronic illness, and disability. We all will know someone at some time taking on this untiring work. It can be rewarding, but it is typically exhausting, overwhelming, and very lonely. These are the folks who need our support. Give them a gift basket filled with these wonders.

Caregivers work hard and a healing music CD would be a perfect gift for them.

Healing Music CD- Healing Baskets Exclusive. A healing music CD is filled with music that will touch their hearts and soothe their souls.

Thanks, Window Cards -These beautiful little window cards can celebrate friends, honor others, cherish family, give thanks, and create memories.

Gratitude Blessing Ring – This beautiful piece of jewelry can be kept in a pocket, worn as jewelry, or put on a key loop. Blessing Rings touch lives and in return touch lives. It usually comes in a little bag. This circular charm reads “Gratitude Blessing Ring” on one side and “with thanks and appreciation” on the reverse.

Healing Candles – Healing candles are designed with a specific intention using various colors and scents. These candles are made of essential oil fragrance like plum water lily pear, jasmine, and sandalwood.

Healing candles also are used to produce good health, positive energy, and healing. Let laughter and happiness flow freely around you and around those that you care about. They are hand-poured using the finest wax and purest blend of essential oils.

Lip Balm with a Message – Every person alive loves a lip balm. They make quite a useful gift. You can get ones that are fragranced or fragrance-free as well as those that have a message on them. Fruit-flavored lip balms are the best!