Gift Baskets for Garden and Plant Lovers

Accessorize your houseplants with this gift basket.

Houseplants have grown in popularity in recent times and for good reason. They have the capability to alter any living space into a flourishing and bright environment. Some even clean the air and make folks feel calm and relaxed. With over three hundred thousand known species, there’s a plant to satisfy every home, personality, and lifestyle. Here are some gift baskets ideas.

Whimsical Face Vases

Give a plain teacup a playful makeover by adding some simple artwork. Make an assortment of silly faces, add some small plants to produce “hair”, and hand these out to any plant enthusiast.

Sand Terrariums With Air Plants

Colored sand produces unique patterns to give these small terrariums a little edge. These small works of art are the ideal display for an assortment of air plants and would make solid gifts any day of the year.

Tiled Moroccan Planters

Colorful, exotic tiles bring these vibrant DIY planters to life. Pair them with some distinct plants for the ideal gift for your plant-loving friend.

Inked Glass Jars

Alcohol inks produce an amazing drip effect on recycled glass vases. Play around with various color combinations for a unique gift that complements a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Decanter Flower Vase

Wine decanters make nice gifts on their own. For a different twist on a standard gift. Create a personalized glass decanter and fill it with an assortment of colorful wildflowers.

Heart-Shaped Herb Markers

These adorable herb markers are ideal for the budding chef, helping keep their living ingredients organized. Pair them with a variety of herbs for a gift that will both taste and smell delicious!

Floral Inspired Large Photo Album

Sustain your loved one’s memories with a wonderful large-format photo book. Pick a favorite plant or floral pattern for the cover and make a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.