Gift Baskets for Medical Students

From a Medical Student:

I’ve been doing plenty of research for gift ideas for my best friend, who’s beginning med school in the fall. I found some info from someone else and the book stand idea brought me inspiration to create a gift basket to get her through the next chapter of her life.

Sadly, I just graduated myself, so my budget is low. My “plan” is to talk with her bf to get ideas for the gift basket.

Here’s my list of possible gift basket ideas:

  • Lap desk (making studying more comfortable in bed)
  • Snuggie (these are freaking fantastic)
  • Travel mug
  • Single cup Keurig brewer (can be pricey but is well worth it)
  • Big microbe doll (hopefully of a microbe she’s done research on)
  • Hand written letter with all the nicey stuff
  • Small notes that she can put on her bulletin board for inspiration
  • She’s never seen Scrubs, so it would be a great idea to download all of the episodes onto a flash drive for her

My last gift to her was a very nice electric kettle that she uses all the time for tea. So, I was thinking it might be weird to just spend money on another drink machine, but then the Keurig is really nice. And it does make tea as well as coffee, not to mention hot chocolate.

I’ve also seen that giving gift cards to the school book store would be helpful. If you have or are a college student, you know how expensive books and materials can be. Any amount is helpful. I don’t like to give money, but this is college so the usual rules go out the window.

If I think of anything else that will make her life a little easier as she starts this journey, I will include it in the gift basket.