Gift Baskets for Sports Lovers

Know a person who puts the “fan” in fanatic? Do they put paint on their faces for home games and wear the jerseys of their favorite players? Or maybe the sports lover who enjoys the thrill of competition and is consistently playing games to win. From basketball to golf, here are some ideas for making the best sports gift baskets for athletes and fans of all ages, some which include licensed merchandise and brand name equipment.

A Hunter with a Hunting Gift Basket

Crafted for the serious and even the not that serious hunter. A hunting themed gift will send him packing with a great selection of goodies from nuts and pretzels to a much-needed flashlight and pine scent spray.

Nothing but Net – Sports Gift Basket

Football Frenzy Football Gift Basket

This is one where you can put in a lot of tasty treats that won’t get benched with a perfect collection of sweet and salty snacks.

Take Me Out to The Ballgame Baseball Gift Basket

Knock it out of the park with a great selection of sports snacks. Round first base with an incredible variety of snack mix, pecans, cheese, and pretzels.

Golf is My Thing Golf Gift Basket

A gift basket for all golfers! Get a stylish golf cooler and stuff it with the must haves on the golf course. This cooler will contain all the necessary golf gear that your golfer needs to hit the greens.

Tennis Anyone Tennis Gift Basket

They don’t have to be a pro tennis player to get happy over a cooler filled with a collection of necessities they’ll need on the court.

Texas Tailgate Texas Football Basket

When it’s football season, put some goods together in a basket and have a Texas Tailgate party (or another one of your fav football teams). Filled with treats and things representing your team will no doubt be a touchdown.