Gift Baskets Ideas for Mom You Can Do Yourself

Gift baskets are always so fun to receive and give. Gift baskets are a good way to create a personalized gift for a loved one. Here are some DIY gift basket ideas to aid you in being inspired to create something special for your mom.


Mother’s Day Chocolate Gift Basket

Win her over with lots of tasty chocolate in this gift basket. It has a vast array of different types of sweets so she won’t get tired of the same thing. Many different items can make this a gift basket to be reckoned with.

Mother’s Day Luxury Spa Gift

Pamper her by making her a gift basket that changes her bathroom into a luxury. This is one gift she’s will love because of the way it makes her feel. It’s always nice to present mom with gifts that make her feel appreciated and this one does the trick.

Mother’s Day Orchard Fruit Basket

A fruit basket does a great job of offering both fruit and sweet snacks so she has a combination of various foods. Include deliciously ripe pieces of fruit and you don’t have to worry about giving her too much candy or unhealthy foods.

Mother’s Day Champagne Collection

If you really want to get her attention make her a champagne gift basket with Perrier-Jouet champagne and some chocolates and crunchy snacks to enjoy as well. You can present it in a quilted box so that it is handled with care.

Berry Brunch Basket Tote

Want her to enjoy a delicious brunch even though you can’t be there to make it for her? Give her a brunch basket and she’ll have everything she needs to have one heck of a brunch. If you put it in a tote, she can use the tote and think of you every time she does.