Health and Fitness Gift Basket Ideas

These are some great gifts for that person on your gift list that are into health and fitness.

If there is someone in your life that is into fitness, you may want to put together a fitness gift basket. This allows you the freedom of picking any items you want for the basket instead of purchasing a single gift. Here are a few different things you can put in this sort of gift basket.

Cooling Towel

When someone is into fitness, they typically need to bring along a towel. They will need a towel when going to the gym, home, on a hike or a long walk. You can provide them with a fresh, new towel that is absorbent, soft, and cooling.

There are some great towels that are made with microfibers that also have cooling fibers to help your recipient cool off when getting sweaty and hot from their workout. It is a great addition to any fitness gift basket.

Gift Cards

Remember when you are putting together a gift basket, there is nothing wrong with putting in a couple of gift cards.

These can be for a local spa where they can get a massage after a marathon, or to a sports supply store where they can buy fitness equipment.

You can also give a gift card to a fitness store that sells supplements, clothing, and protein powder.


Fitness enthusiasts that do outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, or running may need a way to carry personal items.

An armband is truly a solid purchase. There are now armbands that can hold little items they could need but don’t want to keep in their pockets including ID, cash, cellphone, earbuds, and credit cards. They can also put their car or house key inside the armband as well.

Blender Bottle

If you know someone that is into fitness and frequently drinks protein shakes, include a blender bottle in their gift basket. These bottles have a little blending blade inside so that they can add the water, powder, and other ingredients right to the bottle, attach the lid and shake.