Hiking Gift Basket Ideas

Get your hiker a gift card. 

If you have your life together enough, to plan way ahead enough, to put together your own hiking gift basket, you are doing great. People have been going back and forth over time between putting plenty of time, thought and effort into making the ideal gift basket. Other times, you just want to get a gift card or e-gift card and call it a day. When it comes to gifting folks who love to hike, a gift card can be your last option. 

While hiking gift baskets might take a little extra time and thought to put together, it is well worth it to go the extra mile and gift something you realize your hiking friend will truly appreciate and use for years. 

Hiking Gift Basket Ideas

A complete hammock setup. A hammock, rainfly, bug net, straps and carabiners needed to put it up. This is the perfect gift for anyone who’s wanting to do hammock camping.

A cook set should have a cooking pot, camping stove, spoon, scrubbing pads, soap, and fuel. This is perfect for folks who enjoy day hiking but are new to backpacking. They are beginning to collect their gear or wanting to replace the heavy, old gear they have sitting around. If you want to put in some extra love, put in a few backpacking meals or their favorite trail snacks. Remember, you can’t fly with fuel canisters, so keep that for a local hiker.

The hiker’s poop kit has toilet paper, hand sanitizer, deuce of spades, all in a Ziploc bag. This might seem like a stupid hiking gift, but everyone has pooped. Folks even carry a poop kit on day hikes because you just never know. You can also include a book about pooping in the woods if they’re not already a pro.