Ice Cream Gift Basket

Gathering Products for The Gift Box

Assorted ice cream and toppings

First, collect the materials that you needed for DIY ice cream sundae gift box. Craft stores like Michael’s always have sales of baskets and gift boxes.

On your weekly trip to the grocery store, buy the ice cream box necessities such as chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, cherries, and cones.

Also, buy a couple boxes of candy that could be used as toppings. They usually are less than a dollar. Don’t forget almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and of course, sprinkles! ​

Get a budget-friendly, but sturdy ice cream scoop. If you are looking to get a good scoop, there’s some on Amazon that uses the heat from your body to heat up the ice cream.

At your local dollar store or bargain store, pick up festive spoons and napkins, as well as ice cream cups (different varieties).

To save time, there are some places like Amazon where you can buy an already assembled ice cream sundae kit that has the cups, spoons, straws, and other goodies in bright and cheery colors.

Putting the Ice Cream Sundae Box Together

The next step is the fun part…putting it all together into a pretty ice cream sundae gift basket.

Pour the candy into the condiment cups. It saves room in the gift basket. ​To save even more room, you might want to fill condiment cups with the sprinkles and nuts.    ​​

Unwrapped two different kinds of cones and wrapped a stack of them in cellophane for brightness and freshness.

Take a couple pieces of ribbon and tie a couple of the spoons to the ice cream scoop with a cute sign.

If you think of anything else your gift recipient might like, such as fresh fruit, put that in the basket as well. Just remember, if you put fresh produce in it, make sure to deliver the basket immediately.