Ideas for Vegan Gift Baskets

Vegan gifts are for anyone and they don’t have to be complicated. After all, vegans are just like everyday people who appreciate a little affection from someone they love. All they ask is that no animals be harmed in the creation of the gift.

But gift buying for vegans is simpler than you might think. So, whether your loved ones are vegetarian, plant based-curious, all-out omnivores, or vegan, below are a few vegan gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to their faces and many blessings from the animal world.

Natural Vegan Bath Bombs Gift Box

Naturally fragrant vegan bath salts are usually certified USDA organic and they’re made in the USA. You can treat your vegan loved one with healing, anti-inflammatory ingredients like dead sea salt, kaolin clay, Epsom salts, shea butter, and vitamin E. Each bath bomb is scented with a unique fragrance from natural essential oils. No artificial fragrances or colors are used.

Vegan Gift Basket with Healthy Snacks

When you’re buying snacks for your gift basket for your vegan friends, don’t forget that they don’t consume or use any animal products.

Hungry vegans will enjoy a vegan snacks gift box. Bunny James is a company that is well-liked. This company sells baskets that have 20 various sweet and savory vegan snacks. Family, friends, students, loved ones in the military, and anyone else will enjoying munching on these grab-and-go vegan treats.

Vegan Pins

Many vegans have a sense of honor about their plant-based lifestyle and they enjoy spreading the message of eco-green, compassion, and healthy living. If your vegan friend isn’t ready for a tattoo, a vegan pin can do the job. They’ll like having a cute pin in their Christmas stocking or as an individual gift.

Another vegan gift basket idea is to just fill a basket with fair trade organic gourmet foods, tasty vegan treats, fresh-roasted organic coffee, delicious snacks, and organic teas. Vegan jerky, vegan chocolates, sweet and salty nuts, gluten-free cookies and anything else you can come up with that is good, organic, and animal-cruelty free.