Ideas for Welcome Back Homecoming Gift Baskets (Part II)

An American flag license plate is the perfect gift.

American Flag License Plate

They will adore putting this American flag license plate on their vehicle and proudly displaying their patriotism.

“Army fight” Shirt

They are great fighters and soldiers. Remind them of this with an amazing and inspiring shirt.

“God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers” Dog Tag Necklace

God bestows His harshest battles to His toughest soldiers. As an American soldier and a soldier for God, your favorite soldier is the strongest.

.308 Bullet Pen

A .308 bullet pen will be the highpoint of his desk at work or home while he is on deployment.

“Gratitude” Clip-On Charm

Remind them how grateful and happy you are for their hard work, and that they came home to you, with this gratitude clip-on charm. It is excellent for a keychain, a zipper pull, a necklace or bracelet, and several other things.

Grenade Soap

Grenade soap will make washing their hands way more fun.

“Urgent memo: Soldier on couch duty. Disturb at own risk.” Coffee Mug

They are finally home, meaning that they are on couch duty and should not be disturbed.

American Soldiers Large Art Canvas

This beautiful, big piece of art will make a fabulous gift and look incredible on your wall at home.

U.S. Army Bullet Peg Game with Real Bullets

They can have fun with this game. Also, it is very stylish and fitting for their line of work.

“I believe in you. Be strong.” Pocket Stone

This pocket stone is something that they can carry with them, regardless of where they go. It is very powerful. You always believe in them and want them to remain strong.

The messages these gifts give, as well as the gift itself, are something that your favorite soldier can take with them for years. They will love anything that you pick as their welcome home gift.