Incredible Gift Basket Ideas for Friends Who Travel Abroad (Part III)

Never fret over losing your passport while traveling again when you receive a passport holder.

Passport Holder and Travel Document Organizer

It doesn’t even appear like a passport and document holder. It more strongly looks like a cute little clutch that you can take with you for a hot night out on the town.

Chunky Knit Sweater

Apparently, you want to layer up since planes are forever frigid. Like always cold.

So, what this means is that your traveler will need an extra chunky knit sweater to keep warm.

Unicorn Travel Neck Pillow

Why go for mundane, when you can buy something amazing such as a unicorn neck pillow?

Coffee Mug

Coffee is the one true love of life. A love that can only be made sounder by a fabulous coffee mug with an inspiring travel quote.

Aviator Travel Jeans

With these, your traveler can wear jeans on a plane and really be comfortable.

Gatta Camera Bag 

Does your friend have a nice camera? Then understandably, you need to get her or him a nice camera bag since they don’t want to ruin the fancy camera they just spent a whole lot of dollars on. 

Gift Cards

A gift card isn’t exactly the most electrifying of gifts, but it can be a super useful gift for expats and world travelers. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, is easy to buy online or send overseas. Then, they can select exactly what they need or want. If you desire to make it more personal, then include a suggestion of a great album or travel book you love!

Amazon Kindle

An Amazon Kindle is a simple gift to send overseas since you can just buy it from Amazon, and have it sent for you. Also, you can buy a gift card like above and let your loved one know it’s for them to buy books with.