Kindergarten Graduation Gift Idea


The Struggle Is Real!!!

What to Buy Your Kindergartener for Graduation??

Graduating kindergarten is a big milestone in your child’s life and is very exciting for the child not to mention the parent or grandparent. It’s a time when we watch our children begin to really find their independence and begin making more decisions for themselves. This is an incredible opportunity to show your child how proud you are of their accomplishment and to foster their love of school by celebrating this achievement.

Here are some ideas of how to congratulate your kindergarten graduate on a job well done.

Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas from Parents

These are the times you want to treasure since children grow up so fast. Some ideas I had for celebrating this time with your child are:

  • Age and interest appropriate books
    • Educational toys and or video games
    • Toys that promote physical activity
    • A mini-vacation to a place of their choice
    • A themed party for their friends
    • Gift Card to their favorite store and a planned day to go spend it

Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas for Children

Books are always a great gift for little children just learning to read. Books such as DinoTrux really spark a child’s imagination. You will hear plenty of strange noises as he or she pretends to be a favorite character in the book.

There is also an educational game, Osmo, that works with an iPhone or iPad. Your child can spend hours on the couch playing this video game and it’s great since they are learning things like spelling and math.

Creating memories and spending time with my child is my first priority.  One way we celebrate achievements is by letting the person pick a mini-vacation/fun day destination. My child has picked some fabulous places in the past like a zoo that’s a few hours away from us and had a dinosaur exhibit at the time we went. They also picked places like water/theme parks and even picked a museum once which really surprised me.