Making a Gift Basket for a Photographer (Part I)

Photographers capture beauty and smiles. You can capture theirs by giving them a gift basket full of photography goodies.

Pick a basket for the photography items. Or, better yet, use a tote or camera bag that the photographer can use to carry some of their items. Buy one or more photography books that talk about everything from the basics to advanced photography.

Put in a couple of photography magazines. Select various types so that the person can decide which ones she may want to subscribe to in the future. If the person has a magazine preference, then buy them a 12-month subscription to that magazine. Put a card in the basket that shows the subscription.

Consider one or two first-class items. One of them has to definitely be a tripod. There are plenty of funky new tripod designs out there, priced as low as $10. This is a gift the photographer will use for many years to come. Another may be a timing cord. 

These don’t habitually come with a camera. Yet, most photographers would enjoy having one for time-lapse photography. Put in one or two camera lenses. Consider a flash, if the photographer doesn’t have one now.

Include some fun things such as colored gels. Photographers enjoy experimenting. Using colored gels gives them hours of photographic fun. Go for a flash diffuser. That little thing almost always comes in handy. Most photographers don’t really think to buy one for themselves. Lastly, if you aren’t using a camera bag as the gift holder, then add a small one into the basket.

Give some of the necessities like a couple of memory cards for digital photographers or a couple of rolls of film for those who like the tried and true. Photographers can never have an adequate amount of film or memory cards. Put in a couple of cans of lens cleaner or compressed air for cleaning the camera and accessories.