Making a Gift Basket for a Photographer (Part II)

Your photographer would love a gift certificate to turn their photos into other creations like posters and blankets. 

Decide on some backup tools such as a throw-away point and shoot camera (digital and/or regular). They can be taken anywhere and tossed once used. Try a digital key chain so the person can carry some of their prized shots wherever they go. A backup camera cover is always a good gift as well as lens covers.

Give them a gift certificate to an internet photo site where they can alter their most prized photos into paintings, posters, or other great things such as mousepads, T-shirts, or coffee mugs. Include a gift card to a local photo shop where they can purchase the supplies they want.

Put everything inside the basket, bag or tote and wrap it with clear cellophane paper. Put a ribbon around the top, put on a bow and a card and you have the ideal photographer’s gift basket.

Avoid pricey gifts that may make the receiver uneasy. Don’t buy any equipment without knowing the photographer’s brand and type of camera.

Photo Editor License

Photolemur is an Automatic Editor, which applies distinct changes to images with just one click. It’s good for folks who frequently have lots of photos and don’t want to spend hours editing.

SD Card Pouch

HDE Waterproof Memory Card Travel Case is a clip-on pouch that guarantees you won’t ever lose your SD card again. Also, this pocket-size carrying case is the ideal travel companion for your camera.

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

This amazing printer prints right from your tablet or mobile phone using Bluetooth or NFC technology. Photos are smudge-proof, full-color, and have a sticky paper that peels back. The perfect gift.

Go Pro HERO7 Camera

For both the extreme sports enthusiast and photographer, the Go Pro HERO 7 camera shoots in its 4K video and has one-button simplicity, voice control, touch display, and waterproof design.
There is a less expensive version: Go Pro 4.