Music Lover Gift Basket Ideas (Part I)

These gifts will keep your music lover jamming.

These music lover gifts will make an excellent gift basket any music lover would love to get. Regardless if she/he plays a musical instrument, loves listening to music, or works in a music-related job (music teachers) or just loves to sing in the shower.

Container – CD storage box, basket, and a bag with built-in speakers.

Earphones – an essential music lover gift. Ranging from small earphones in all colors and shapes which are excellent for digital music listeners to heavy-duty pro ones for home stereo listeners, DJs, etc. You should go for earphones with volume control if you can.

Portable speakers – let music lovers share their music with folks around them. The durable ones need a power outlet and others just plug into a music source.

Bag with built-in speakers – a great item, especially for students or people who go on picnics. It can double function as a gift container.

3.5mm audio jack splitter – let you plug two sets of earphones to the same device so two individuals can take pleasure in the same music at the same time.

FM transmitter – a good little gadget for music lovers with a car stereo. It broadcasts music from your plugged-in SD card/memory stick / MP player to a radio channel of your choice. You just tune your radio to your selected channel and listen to your music via your car’s stereo. By the way, if your gift recipient still has a cassette player in the car, there’s also a cassette adapter for many car stereos.

MP (media player) – if your music lover doesn’t own a media player, why not get him or her one and upload some of their favorite music on it? No need to spend a lot of money on one. There are some affordable MPs in the market that are completely functional.