Music Lover Gift Basket Ideas (Part II)


Music – the most vital element in a music lover gift basket! Give the latest album of the recipient’s favorite artist or a collection of his/her preferred music genre. Also, you can download and create a customized collection yourself legally and for free. If you aren’t sure what your recipient’s taste is you can get him/her a gift card in music to Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc.

If your music lover enjoys CD’s then getting them an organizer to keep it in is perfect.

CD rack/ storage box – music lovers usually collect music albums. If your recipient collects CD albums, you can buy her/him a CD storage box or CD rack that can double function as the gift’s container.

Musical instrument gadgets – a roll-up drum kit or electric piano are foldable and portable mats imitating the real thing. Many come with built-in speakers and some hook up to a computer.

Musical instruments – Include a musical instrument as well as for instructions on how to play it. For example, a guitar, a recorder flute, a harmonica, or a miniature drum. If your recipient is someone living with you, you might want to invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones. 

Vinyl records/cassette tapes digital converter – for music record/cassette collectors who would love to have their collection in a digital format. Also known as USB turntables.

Concert tickets – if you know what your recipient’s favorite artists or musical preferences are and you can afford it, this is one of the top music lover gifts to give.

Karaoke set – for those who love listening to music but also like to sing. If this is someone in your household, you might want to get yourself a pair of noiseless earbuds. 

Shower radio – a water-resistant radio to have in the shower for those who want to listen to music even when they are in the bathroom.