Nail Care Gift Basket

A nail care set is an excellent gift for the girl in your life.

If you are looking for gift ideas for her, you can never go wrong with a nail care gift basket. It’s a great gift idea for wife, sister, mom, grandma, girlfriend or any female aged 10 and up, although little girls like to paint their nails too. They also make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift basket.

Lots of women love applying a fresh coat of nail polish onto their finger or toenails because It looks fabulous and it feels good. It really brightens up their day. Some women find it to be a great form of therapy.

Get a few or all the items below and put them together to create an amazing nail care gift basket!

  • Container – basket, cosmetics bag, bowl
  • Liquid soap – to mix with warm water in a bowl and soak fingers in as the first step to a manicure.
  • Small Bowl – to soak fingers in once water and soap are in
  • Hand towel – to dry hands after soaking them.
  • Nail polish remover – to remove old nail polish before applying a new one
  • Cotton balls – to remove old nail polish.
  • Nail scissors / clipper – to trim nails.
  • Cuticle kit – for handling cuticles.
  • Orangewood sticks – to clean under nails and push cuticles back.
  • Nail polish – the most crucial item in a nail care gift basket. It can even be the only ingredient if you include an assortment of nail polish bottles in your basket. There’s a real wide range to choose from.
  • Emery board – to smoothen the nail surface before applying nail polish.
  • Nail file – to shape nails before applying nail polish.
  • Nail clear base coat – some apply a clear base coat before applying the colored nail polish.
  • Topcoat Nail Polish – can be applied on top of colored nail polish to seal and protect the colored polish.
  • Healthy Nail lotion – yep, there are lotions just for nails.
  • Toes separator – these foam separators or “spacers” are useful when applying toenail polish in case your recipient is into pedicures.