Easter Gift Baskets Ideas

Sure, the Easter bunny is really cute. But just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it’s got the top Easter baskets. Actually, gift baskets for Easter come in all shape and sizes. Today’s Easter gifts aren’t just limited to candy. Dinner can be a pretty big event on Easter. And you can make it even more special. Gourmet Easter baskets have gourmet wines and decadent cakes to take any meal to the next level. And here you thought Easter baskets were only for the little ones.

Classic Easter Basket

There are certain things that are vital to Easter morning, like tempting chocolate and fun toys. So, in this wonderful basket, we bring together all of those elements to create the perfect Easter gift basket. Include with chocolates and colorful sweet candies, a beautiful stuffed bunny, and don’t forget the Peeps! Make Easter morning totally memorable!

Easter Candy & Toys Basket

No Easter morning is whole without delicious sweets and toys. That’s why you put them together in this candy and toys basket. Inside, your recipient will discover fun treats like a solid chocolate bunny and classic Easter candy, as well as an array of games that will simply make this Easter morning matchless.

Fruit and Gourmet Gift Tower

A gorgeous gift tower is filled with gourmet snacks and fresh fruit, making it an ideal gift for any Easter celebration. Your recipient will like snacking on gourmet cheese and crackers, wafer bites, and gourmet nuts. The beautiful tier box makes for a nice keepsake.

Happy Easter Brownie Cake

Easter not only brings the promise of warm weather, but also for delectable sweets. A festive chocolate brownie cake is a way to celebrate both. This decadent brownie cake with Easter designs will be a hit at any Easter table.

Halloween Gift Baskets Ideas

Halloween can be a harrowing time, but not always because of ghosts and skeletons. To some folks, October 31st denotes bad candy. When you’re working your butt off going around the neighborhood and ringing doorbells, nothing is worse than getting horrible treats. This Halloween, leave the scaring for the trick-or-treaters and give Halloween gift baskets that are filled with all the top sweets.

Favorites Beer Bucket

A Favorites Beer Bucket celebrates the start of all things fall, which means a good selection of dark beers. This gift basket includes remarkable beers that are great for any beer lover you know. Your recipient will not only love the beers inside the basket, but also the variety of gourmet snacks including gourmet popcorn and sausage. This beer bucket makes a perfect gift for any beer lover on your list! For the non-alcoholic type, opt out the beer for teas, fall drinks, gingerbreads and muffins. Don’t forget the pumpkin spice lattes, coffees, and other drinks with pumpkin in them.

Haunted Halloween Care Package

It’s a little scary how perfect this care package is, but given that most people, young and old, are over the moon about Halloween, it’s not a big surprise. As soon as you begin creating this gift, you looked into your spell book and took heed of the season’s tastiest candy with frightening, fun gear. This makes a magical care package for anyone of any age.

Halloween Cookie Pops

These Halloween chocolate treats are terrifyingly delicious. Make a couple of batches and put them in a Halloween gift basket or box. Peanut butter cookies like Nutter Butter are dipped in white and dark chocolate and then decorated to look just like tombstones, bats, and mummies. What better Halloween gift than delightful and frightful Halloween cookie pops?

Just Because Gift Baskets Ideas

There are times you just want to do something nice for someone. These gestures are things that folks remember for a long time since they’re unexpected. Just Because gift baskets have all you need to make them feel special and make their day. And they should, because everyone is special.

Classic White Wine Gift Basket

For the wine lover in your life, this wonderful wine gift will be loved. Inside a gorgeous basket, they’ll find a crisp Tuscan chardonnay that goes along with a selection of decadent treats and tasty gourmet snacks such as Wisconsin cheese, artisan crackers, and smoked sausage.

Chocolate Covered Dried Fruit Assortment

If you’re searching for an idea for a delicious gift basket that will be great for anyone, look no further than this chocolate dunked dried fruit assortment gift basket. Take the most delightful dried fruit you can find, like ripe apricots and plump figs and dunk them in scrumptious chocolate. This is an exquisite Just Because gift basket for anyone.

Red Wine Countryside Gift Basket

This classic basket makes the ideal wine gift. Inside the basket, your recipient will find a rich Cabernet Sauvignon and a real assortment of tempting gourmet snacks including wheat stone crackers, gourmet snack mix, and sharp cheddar cheese.

New England Breakfast Gift Basket Classic

In New England, a conventional breakfast is more than just a meal. It’s a ritual. You don’t rush through it. You take your time and create delicious entrees that are well-known across the US. But no one has to make the trip there for their classic breakfasts. Inside this one is blueberries from Maine, maple syrup from New Hampshire, and traditional buttermilk pancake mix. Anyone can enjoy a New England breakfast regardless where they are. For the foodie, it doesn’t get any better than this.

St. Patrick’s Day Gift Baskets Ideas

The day when every human is Irish is Saint Patrick’s Day. For years, this holiday has been celebrated with church services, parades, processions, and big feasts, making it the most celebrated saint’s day on earth. So instead of just putting one some green, make this year a little more special with a St. Patrick’s Day gift baskets.

Stock the gift baskets with things that will make it a memorable St. Patrick’s Day for anyone who is special to you.

Baked Goods Sampler Gift Basket

Who doesn’t love sweet treats? The people in your life do! This Baked Goods Sampler gift basket has some great gourmet baked goods like tempting cookies and gooey brownies, elegantly arranged in an elegant gift basket. The desserts aren’t complete without St. Patrick Day designs and sprinkles on them. This gift basket is ideal for looking good at your party or giving as a gift.

St. Patrick’s Day Gift Basket

Family and friends will be green with envy when they get a look at your gorgeous St. Patrick’s Day gift basket! Unless you make one for them too! Packed it with some tasty crunchy snacks, like hearty crackers and cheese, trail mixes, roasted peanuts, and more. Make it a little salty, a little sweet, and overflowing with flavor. This is a gift basket for St. Patrick’s Day gift basket that has it all. Even your little leprechauns will love it.

St. Patrick’s Wine Gifts

Bring your St. Patrick’s Day party to the next level with this sophisticated wine gift basket. Include in it spicy cheeses, gourmet crackers, and a bottle of wine, making it the ideal basket for a St. Patrick’s Day date night. It’s not the luck of the Irish that combines these fabulous items together. It is your uniqueness and creativeness.

Gift Baskets for Grandparents Ideas

Grandparents are very special individuals. They never forget a birthday, have good supply of gifts, and give unconditional love. All that TLC they’ve been providing over the years truly deserves to be returned. Here are some gift baskets for Grandparents that will help to do it.

Fruit & Healthy Snacks Gift Basket

There is nothing more vital than health, so what could be better than giving the gift of healthy and wholesome snacks? This is where the Fruit & Healthy Snacks Gift Basket comes in. This one includes fresh fruits like green and red apples, oranges and pears, as well as snacks like blueberry nut trail mix clusters. This gift basket also has other great snacks such as almond biscuits, gourmet kettle corn, and roasted peanuts. This is a gift any grandma or grandpa will love.

Dried Fruit Platter

Treat your grandparents to an amazing assortment of gourmet dried fruits in this dried fruit platter. Inside a beautiful gift basket is a platter with delicately arranged fancy dried fruits. Mediterranean apricots, Angelino plums, and dried apple rings makes this one hard to resist.

Artisan Meat & Cheese Platter

An artisan meat and cheese platter that has a variety of antipasto, crackers, and artisan cheeses. From gourmet jam to summer sausage to cream cheese to spicy pepperoni to brined olives, this is the ideal gift basket to send or give for any occasion. Besides a grandparents gift basket, this one makes excellent hostess gift or the ideal center piece for your next dinner party.

Barbecue Boss – BBQ Gift Basket

If they can’t get enough of the savory, tangy, smoky, and sweet goodness that is all things bbq, here is the perfect gift. Especially if your grandma or grandpa considers themselves a pit master.

This has the top grilling and barbecue items, such as zesty rubs and sauces, as well as accessories like a bamboo serving tray, giving them all they need to make their BBQ even better.

What to Put in a College Gift Basket

If off to college for a freshman or going back for a new school year, or just for a semester, students always love being thought of. A college gift Basket full of helpful things that students may forget to bring along is a winner. Here are some ideas of helpful things to put in the gift basket. If you can think of anything else, remember your college days, just include it!

  • Batteries
  • Binder Clips
  • Bubble Gum and/or Mints
  • Chip Clips-large and small bag clip in an assortment of colors
  • Chlorox Wipes
  • Duct Tape-Duck Brand, clear tape, masking tape. FYI- Duck brand comes in over 40 school colors and logos, not to mention Glow-In-The-Dark
  • Clipboard
  • Deck of Cards
  • Dish Towels
  • Drink Coasters-silicone drink coasters
  • Dry Erase Board and dry erase markers for the board
  • Dusting Cloths-Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are easily reusable by just rinsing out them out
  • Ear Plugs
  • Flip Flops
  • Glow Sticks-Because glow in the dark is just really fun
  • Lingerie Bag for Laundry
    Lint Roller
  • Lip Balm
  • First Aid Kit-an all-purpose first aid kit will do the trick for those every day scraps and run ins. Make sure it is a complete one so the person doesn’t have to make a trip while trying to take care of their little boo-boo
  • Paper Clips
  • Poncho
  • Removable Wall Hangers-Command Large Utility Hook are economical and the best. At the end of the year, the hooks can be peeled right off the wall
  • Roll of Quarters-Although plenty of campuses have gone completely to card swipe systems, you will still find vending machines on some. Also, they can be used for campuses that still take quarters.
  • Safety Pins
  • School Colors or Logo Coffee Mug
  • Small Flashlight
  • Stamps
  • Stapler
  • Sticky Notes

Gift Baskets for Medical Students

From a Medical Student:

I’ve been doing plenty of research for gift ideas for my best friend, who’s beginning med school in the fall. I found some info from someone else and the book stand idea brought me inspiration to create a gift basket to get her through the next chapter of her life.

Sadly, I just graduated myself, so my budget is low. My “plan” is to talk with her bf to get ideas for the gift basket.

Here’s my list of possible gift basket ideas:

  • Lap desk (making studying more comfortable in bed)
  • Snuggie (these are freaking fantastic)
  • Travel mug
  • Single cup Keurig brewer (can be pricey but is well worth it)
  • Big microbe doll (hopefully of a microbe she’s done research on)
  • Hand written letter with all the nicey stuff
  • Small notes that she can put on her bulletin board for inspiration
  • She’s never seen Scrubs, so it would be a great idea to download all of the episodes onto a flash drive for her

My last gift to her was a very nice electric kettle that she uses all the time for tea. So, I was thinking it might be weird to just spend money on another drink machine, but then the Keurig is really nice. And it does make tea as well as coffee, not to mention hot chocolate.

I’ve also seen that giving gift cards to the school book store would be helpful. If you have or are a college student, you know how expensive books and materials can be. Any amount is helpful. I don’t like to give money, but this is college so the usual rules go out the window.

If I think of anything else that will make her life a little easier as she starts this journey, I will include it in the gift basket.

Gift Baskets for Pets

If you’re struggling to find a nice gift for that dog (or dog-lover) in your life, look no further. Check out these gift baskets ideas.

Thanksgiving Feast Gift Basket

All dogs think that Thanksgiving is the best holiday. A Thanksgiving basket is the ideal gift for a hungry hound.

A dog’s Thanksgiving gift basket includes:

  • Seasonal flavored biscuits
  • Pumpkin Pie Biscuit
  • Turkey Leg Dog Biscuit
  • Candy Corn Biscuit
  • Apple Dog Biscuit
  • Fall Leaf Decorated Treat

Welcome Home – New Pet Basket

There’s no brighter way to welcome home a dog than with a gift basket of chews and treat. Include:   wheat free monster cookie, packages of trainers, assorted and decorated treats for them to munch on, and a natural chew that’s completely digestible.

Party Animal Dog Gift Basket

Let them bark for this party dog gift basket because you can give them cake and let them eat it too. A tail good time will be had by all puppies that enjoy this basket because it’s complete with yummy treats and a plush play toy.

  • Plenty of biscuits
  • Bakery fresh hand decorated biscuits
  • Plush Toy

Dog Get Well Gift

Dog get well gift basket is amazing gift to give to any dog that is not feeling well. Not only can you put in a themed get-well container but fill it with products that will help the owner carry out the Doctor’s orders.

Include a doggy pill container complete with paw prints. Each part is marked with big letters on each day so you he can get his daily doses of medication.

To get the doggie to take his medication, include the very helpful pill pockets. Pill pockets disguised as a treat has an open center and end where you can simple drop in the pills, squeeze shut the opening and give him a treat and the medicatio

Unique Gift Basket Ideas

The Man Can

Everything he needs to keep his skin feeling, looking great can be rounded up and put in a gift basket. It can include things like hand butter, shave gel, scrub soap, and after shaving lotion. You can put all the things in a reusable basket so he can use it again after all the products are gone.

Sweet Nostalgia

Give all the sweet they can handle and take them back to a time past with candies that have been around for years. They’ll surely remember these from being a child: Clark bar, Pop Rocks, a candy necklace, gummy bears, Now and Laters.

Craft Beer & Snacks Basket

If they enjoy craft beer, this is the gift basket to give them. Include plenty of snacks to go along with that beer and you don’t put any light beer in there. Include beers such as Guinness, Heineken, Newcastle, and Red Stripe. These are beers that you can slowly enjoy and not just chug.

Bath & Body Invigoration

Give them this gift basket and they’re sure to thank you when they see you next time. Includes plenty of things to help them renew their body, with things like lip balm, body lotion, and foot cream. You’ll be helping them out from head to toe so they can truly come alive.

The Entertainer

This gift basket is a party in a box and can include playing cards, wine, dominoes, and dice. You can also put an engraving label on the basket to personalize it and make it really special. If they love to entertain you must make them The Entertainer basket.

Gluten-Free Gift Basket

If they’re gluten free you don’t have to worry about what gift to make them. You can just make them a gluten-free gift basket and they’ll be happy. Includes lots of goodies that are all gluten-free so they can indulge without messing up their diet.

Gift Baskets Ideas for Mom You Can Do Yourself

Gift baskets are always so fun to receive and give. Gift baskets are a good way to create a personalized gift for a loved one. Here are some DIY gift basket ideas to aid you in being inspired to create something special for your mom.


Mother’s Day Chocolate Gift Basket

Win her over with lots of tasty chocolate in this gift basket. It has a vast array of different types of sweets so she won’t get tired of the same thing. Many different items can make this a gift basket to be reckoned with.

Mother’s Day Luxury Spa Gift

Pamper her by making her a gift basket that changes her bathroom into a luxury. This is one gift she’s will love because of the way it makes her feel. It’s always nice to present mom with gifts that make her feel appreciated and this one does the trick.

Mother’s Day Orchard Fruit Basket

A fruit basket does a great job of offering both fruit and sweet snacks so she has a combination of various foods. Include deliciously ripe pieces of fruit and you don’t have to worry about giving her too much candy or unhealthy foods.

Mother’s Day Champagne Collection

If you really want to get her attention make her a champagne gift basket with Perrier-Jouet champagne and some chocolates and crunchy snacks to enjoy as well. You can present it in a quilted box so that it is handled with care.

Berry Brunch Basket Tote

Want her to enjoy a delicious brunch even though you can’t be there to make it for her? Give her a brunch basket and she’ll have everything she needs to have one heck of a brunch. If you put it in a tote, she can use the tote and think of you every time she does.