Pasta Gift Basket Ideas

Create an Italy-inspired gourmet gift basket that has everything anyone needs to enjoy a real Italian pasta dinner. Pick artisan-crafted ingredients—the aim is to have a basket brimming with gourmet delights and specialty items finds that your recipient doesn’t usually treat themselves to but would like to taste. Regardless if you would like to create a well-edited, small basket or create a big bounty, use these Italian gift basket ideas and shopping sources to help guide you. Don’t forget to check out discount and specialty and shops.

Different types of pasta in wicker basket

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A good bottle of extra virgin olive oil will last far after the linguine is gone, so treat your special friend to a fine one. Several gourmet shops have olive oil tasting bars, so taste many and choose one that tickles your fancy. And don’t feel limited to Italian oils. There are amazing olive oils from Spain Greece, Israel, California, Australia, and more.​


Don’t forget skinny grissini, so there will be something fun to eat while the pasta cooks. A good one: Tenuta Castello makes its Rubata Grissini in little batches from family-grown grains and extra-virgin olive oil. The classic Piedmontese-style breadsticks come in rosemary and plain, and rice flour.

Artisan Pasta

You probably think of dry pasta as a busy night go-to meal. Therefore, a handmade pasta in a unique shape or made from a rare flour can be a real treat. As a bonus, artisan pastas are frequently magnificently packaged and brings visual appeal to your basket.

Gourmet Tomato Sauce

There are numerous jarred pasta sauces on the market, but only very few can boast incredible homemade flavor and texture. Get an all-natural sauce made with simple ingredients—tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, onions, garlic, basil. Avoid the ones made with corn syrup, inferior oils, or lots of sugar. Dell’Amore is a great choice.