Post-Race Gift Basket for Marathons and Half-Marathons (Part I)

When my BFF and her hubby were running a marathon, I did tons of research to find out what runners required after a marathon. Post-race recovery is critical, and I wanted to spoil my friends a little and take getting post-race supplies off their hands. Here are some good ideas for gifts for runners that can be put into a post-race gift basket.

Marathon runners (and half-marathon runners) have plenty to think about. Pace, training schedules, pace, the right gear, playlists, hydration, counting macros, and lots of other things have to be considered. On top of that, there’s the mental preparation.

Crossing the finish line deserves a great basket

Believe me when I say, by the time race day is present, they’re going to be so happy to finally accomplish their goals, but also ready to chill once the race is over. A post-marathon gift basket shows my support and to take one small thing off their plates.

I searched the internet for suggestions about what runners required most post marathons and post-half-marathons. Here’s what I found out to include in my post-race recovery gift basket. I also included a few items from them that fit perfectly with this theme.


More particularly, Hydro-Seal Blister Band-Aids. These come in various shapes and sizes. I picked the ones for toes and for heels. This waterproof bandage offers the optimal wound healing environment and is crafted to offer cushioning against painful wounds or blisters to shield from further rubbing.

First-aid mini kit

I chose a tiny kit of antibiotic ointment, bandages, and cleansing wipes for any other
cuts or scrapes they might get.

Instant Cold Packs

These ready-to-use packs are handy during post-race recovery and it’s cool they
don’t need to be frozen or refrigerated ahead of time.

Epsom Salt

A post-race soak is always a splendid idea. You can find epsom salts at your local grocery store or even on the internet.