Post Race Gift Basket for Marathons and Half-Marathons (Part II)

Joint & Muscle Cream. I included joint & muscle Cream with capsaicin and boswellia. Also, this cream is paraben-free and cruelty-free.

Post-Workout Freshen-Up Spray. I put together a DIY oil body spray to help them feel fresh after their race. It’s got a nice, clean scent and my BFF said she truly loved using it.

Lip Balm. Help stop cracked and dry lips with lip balm. My absolute favorites are the ones that are organic and scented.

Cookies and protein bars. I bought a host of post-race snacks such as complete cookies and protein bars. Protein is vital for post-race recovery and these snacks would be great starting points.

Makeup Remover Wipes. Not that my BFF wears makeup while running, but these pre-moistened wipes are excellent for wiping your face on-the-go.

Post race gift baskets help runners like this on refuel after a long race and stay healthy.

Water and Electrolyte Replacement Drinks. This is all personal preference, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to have a few extra drinks for them.

Ibuprofen. I always like to have some ibuprofen on hand for minor aches and soreness. I figured this would be necessary after 26.2 or 13. 1 miles.

Body Glide. This is a must for runners. Chafing is real and body glide is like magic for prevention.

I think I put plenty of key items for post-race recovery, but I also thought of a couple of other runner gift ideas that you can use for anniversaries or birthdays.

Other gifts for runners:

Apple Gift Cards. Being able to download a specific song, or being able to subscribe to Apple Music and having lots of music at your fingertips is super cool.

A gift` card to their favorite running or sporting goods store. Good running shoes are pricey. Help pay for their next pair.

Sport Sunglasses. These are very important for protecting the eyes from those harmful UV rays. A normal pair of sunglasses won’t do it and these have special grippers at the nose and above the ears to remain in place.