Preschool Teacher Gift Basket


Are you searching for ideas for teacher gifts for back to school? With kids in preschool, you want to put together a Preschool Teacher Gift Basket to bring on the first day of school. Also, this would make a perfect end of the year preschool teacher gift if you want a present after the beginning of the school year.

If it were correct to give the gift of wine, it would be in this preschool teacher gift basket. Bless the soul of anyone who can put up with little ones for that many hours every day. Since there are numerous issues with a wine-filled bag, I decided to keep the bottle for myself. It will be opened after I take my children to their 1st day of school. Tears of mourning or celebration, not sure what they will be yet.  For a teacher, Post-It Brand items are the next best thing to wine.

Post-It products are a great item to include in a back to school gift basket for your child’s teacher.

The Preschool Teacher Gift Basket I put together is all put inside a cute bucket. It is suggested you get a bucket with words or a colored bucket. Wood blocks, found at the Target, are a nice touch. Tons of cute things to pair with Post-It Notes for a fun gift basket for teachers.

Post-It Brand has plenty of fantastic products for Back to School and you can tuck a few of them into the gift basket for preschool teachers. For example, Metallic Post-It Note Cubes deliver style to a teacher’s desk and come in a few designs like pink/silver. Post-It Tabs and Post-It Flags always come in handy for teachers, and not to mention middle school and high school students and teachers as well. I can’t begin to tell you how many packs of flags and notes my older children go through every year.