Real Estate Closing Gift Basket (Part I)


Finding the ideal real estate closing gifts for every seller and buyer client you work with isn’t simple. With that being said, if you get it just right, you won’t only have a referral source for the next couple of months, but you could create an evangelist of your services for a long time.

The cunning part is deciding what your client wants. That has been included in this article. It’s finding gifts that are personal but not too customized, have significance but not too much, and remind your clients not only that you care, but that you’re the local specialist they can depend on for years to come.

A Wishing House

What provides a lucky rabbit’s foot with its sentimental value? Of course, the answer is the dreams and wishes of the one who owns it.

Wishing Houses, handmade by Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Brauna Rosen, lets you give your client a gift that has sentimental value.

A Shaggy Swag subscription will make your client’s pets happy as well.

A Shaggy Swag Gift Box Subscription

Let’s be real, today’s pampered pooches live better than most humans! Well, that might or might not be true. However, pets have gradually become a focal point in many folk’s lives and for good reasons. Taking care of a pet delivers health advantages for owners, not to mention maybe saving a life for the furry little rascals.

If your client is a certified dog daddy or mommy, then they’ll totally love the fun and unique items they’ll get from the Shaggy Swag gift box. Instead of dull old bones, their little fur family members get essentials, high-quality toys, and treats.

The best thing about these subscriptions is that even if your client erases your phone number right after

Closing, you get to feel good about continuing to keep a little furry friend happy for a whole year.