Retirement Gift Basket Ideas


I feel retirement can be an exciting and thrilling period.

It can even be the best time of our lives. You can finally get the chance to stop and smell the flowers. You can do whatever you want and love every minute.

The below retirement gift basket ideas celebrate this amazing occasion. You can choose one as your gift or put a few items together to make an inspiring retirement gift basket for your recipient.

Retirement certificate:  Retirement is typically a once in a lifetime occasion. Celebrate it with an official yet funny certificate. There are some free printable retirement certificates you can prepare for a gift basket. There’s also a blank certificate you can personalize as you wish.

Wine glasses accompanied by wine is a fantastic way to congratulate someone on their retirement.

Wine/ Champagne + glasses:  a traditional retirement gift idea!  Add a bottle of champagne or wine and a couple of glasses so your recipient can toast this great moment together with you or someone special.

Ideas notebook + pen:  now that your recipient has all the time in the world, it’s time to make a list of what he/she has always desired to do. Aid by starting it off with some written concepts on the 1st page or by writing an inspirational explanation on how to use this notebook. You can take this idea up a notch with the next item.

Cease the day” brochure inspiration:  this is a great retirement gift idea which is 100% free. Just visit a travel agency or search the internet and get some brochures of everything your recipient has always dreamed of but never had the time to do like organized tours around the world, cruises, wild safaris in Africa,  diving courses in Australia, or sailing boats catalog etc. The sky is the limit and that could be an idea in itself with a flight course brochure.