Sunday School Teacher Gift Basket Ideas

Sunday school teachers work hard to bring God’s word to you each week, you can show them your appreciation by getting them a gift basket that they will love.

Looking for unique and fun gift basket ideas for your child’s Sunday School teacher? Below are some great ones to consider.

5 x Christian Gift Butterflies 

5 x Handmade Christian Bible verse illustrated 3D butterflies with bible verses such as Isaiah 61 v. 3, Isaiah 43 v. 16, Genesis 15 v.1, Deuteronomy 31 v. 6, and Romans 15 v. 18. Butterflies denote re-birth and new life.

Fruit of the Spirit Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Tree

These trees come in multiple pieces depending on the size. Larger sizes will have more pieces, smaller sizes come in groups of color.

God Only Knows T-Shirt

WWJD Bracelet

The changeable feature guarantees these pieces deliver a snug fit without being too tight or always sliding off the wrist. Also, they are super simple to take off and put on. No-fuss and no muss! 

Wish Bracelet

These slight bracelets are individually handmade and are the perfect gifts for any special occasion.

The legend states it is thought that the wearer must make a wish while tying on the bracelet. When the bracelet falls off naturally, their wish is understood to be ready to come true.

Charm Bracelet

A beautiful way to express appreciation and gratitude of a special Sunday school teacher, CCE teacher, catechist, church helper, choir instructor.

This bangle will make an incredible gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or a simple “just because” moment. 

Cross Notepads

These notepads make exceptional gifts for a Sunday School teacher or anyone else! Ideal for grocery lists, to-do lists, notes to the teacher, etc.

Sunday School Teacher Mug

This low-priced and funny gift idea makes the ideal choice for putting a smile on a face. The recipient of this mug will have a hearty laugh and enjoy seeing this fabulous design each time they pour themselves a cup of tea or coffee.