Camping Gift Basket Ideas (Part II)

These gifts will make the recipient a very happy camper.

Gift basket ingredients

Spork: fork, spoon, and knife all in one! Buy colorful ones so they don’t get misplaced.

Sage plant: So your recipient can take a couple of branches each time he/she goes camping and put them in the fire to help keep insects at bay.

Cards: Or some other game that can be played outdoors for a fun time.

Popcorn: A pack of corn seeds and some oil to make popcorn.

Multi-spice pack: Instead of packing every spice and herb separately, you can put them all in one space-saving container.

Pancake mix + squeeze bottle: For simple pancake making. You can include a frying pan and some maple syrup. Just be sure you pick an “add water only” mix.

Belt + S hooks: Make a handy portable hanging rack. Your recipient will just wrap a belt around a tree, hang hooks on it and hang pots, pans, and other equipment on hooks like so. Belt can be replaced with a heavy-duty multipurpose rope.

Waterproof bags (ziplock): Another outdoor necessity for any liquid-solid conflict situation.

Multitool: If your recipient doesn’t already have one, these multi-functional tools can have everything from tweezers to cutlery, saw, and a toothpick. If your recipient already has a standard one, maybe they don’t have a cool credit-card slim multitool version.

Multipurpose rope/cord: When camping, you always have to hang somethings somewhere. A sturdy durable cord/rope is a critical camping item, particularly when it glows in the dark so you can see it at night.

Air-activated warmers:  Flatpacks filled with heat-generating ingredients that heat up upon contact with air. Perfect for warming up on cold nights when the fire dies out.

Flashlight: A camping must! I would go for LED headlamp or solar flashlight which are most useful.