Dentist Gift Basket Ideas (Part III)

These gift basket ideas will make your dentist feel appreciated.

Dentist Play Set

The classic Playmobil toys in an adorable dentist and patient set. Put it in the waiting room or on the desk for the kid-at-heart dental professional.

Coffee Mug for the Best. Dentist. Ever.

Sometimes a modest gift makes a huge statement. A dentist can never, ever have too many coffee mugs, particularly ones that boldly state the truth.

Hand-Drawn Tooth T-Shirt

Hand printed on a homemade press, this artsy dentist shirt is printed on 100% cotton t-shirt, every shirt is created customary using a hand-cut relief woodblock. Pressed, inked, and printed precisely for you to wear or give in an assortment of colors.

Maple Wood Case & Pens Dentist Gift Set

An elegant maple wood box and pen set engraved with the DMD’s name and qualifications. Including the DDS logo, if you would be for someone who likes something a little more personalized on the pen box and the pen. You can custom engraved with any font, text, or logo.

Tooth Planter for The Dentist’s Office

This molar vase will be a hit with any dentist who has a green thumb. Perfect for small plants like succulents, this little thing will look great at the office or home. 

Molar Tooth Bottle Opener

For the classic, beer-loving dentist who already has all things dental! Additionally, the only tooth your dentist likes for opening beers. Throw in a sixer of some quality and you have a total gift set.

Dentist Wine Glass

Want a fun gift for your dentist or maybe for the dental assistant? Here’s something for you! Personalize it with any name you want! This dentist gift is a stemmed wine glass, stemless wine glass or a rocks glass. This design is etched forever into the glass. It won’t chip, scratch, or fade as well as being dishwasher safe.