Ideas for Welcome Back Homecoming Gift Baskets (Part I)


When your favorite soldier comes home from training or a deployment, getting them a welcome home gift is a beautiful touch. It helps them know that they were greatly missed and that you are happy that they are back. The welcome back home gift basket ideas on this list are a good place to start when you are ready to shop for your favorite soldier.

Unique Welcome Home Gifts for Soldiers

An army flask is an excellent addition to your homecoming gift basket.

Army Flask

An Army flask is very simple, but also really awesome as well. They will cherish it wherever they go.

Captain America Keychain

Your favorite soldier is like your very own Captain America, fighting for your freedom and kicking butt at the same time. 

“Hooah” Cookie Cutter

Make some cookies in the shape of the word “Hooah” for their homecoming. They will really like eating them all up. 

You belong here… Welcome home” Sign

Show them how much you appreciate it when they are home with this “You belong here… Welcome home” sign. The good news is that you will have it for the next time they come home.

“Best. Soldier. EVER!” Shirt

Your favorite soldier is beyond the best soldier ever.

Chocolate Army Men

Chocolate army men are fun. They can play with them and then eat them afterward.

AR15 Bottle Opener

Every soldier should own an AR15 bottle opener to pop open those beer bottles when they are chilling with their buddies or at home.

Grenade Tie Bar

A grenade tie bar will complement their suit in style.

“The Mission” Personalized Army Prayer Journal

Help them keep track of their prayers, for their fellow soldiers, their loved ones, or other people. It isn’t always simple to keep them all organized. However, with this journal, they will be able to do a better job.