Incredible Gift Basket Ideas for Friends Who Travel Abroad (Part II)

Some of these items could prove to be really useful.

Kjarakär Backpack 

This bag is the answer to all your traveler’s carry-on needs. Not only is it durable, versatile, and stylish, but it can hold all that’s needed and more.

Travel Journal

Really, life doesn’t stop when you’re traveling and there are times you just have a yearning to express yourself but don’t have anyone to talk to. This is where a journal comes in!

Throw Pillow

Ideal accent piece for any traveler’s home and a good reminder that just because you don’t know where you’re going, doesn’t mean you’re lost.

Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Not only does it save you money, but water bottles are way better for the environment as well. Plus, these water bottles come in a host of fun designs that are ideal for someone who’s looking for something a wee bit more fun than a standard water bottle.

Retro USB Drive

With all the blog posts and photos and social media work, there’d be smoke coming out of a laptop if your traveler didn’t use some sort of external storage.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Everyone needs a good pair of noise-canceling headphones when they travel. Unavoidably, when you travel, you’re going to run into a person who will not shut up and who doesn’t pick up on any social cues to stop yammering.

Power Bank

An external power bank is a vital essential.

As a traveler, you should shudder to think what would happen if your phone died and you didn’t have any GPS.

Women’s Boots with A Secret Pocket

Can this truly be a list of gifts for a friend going traveling if no shoes are on the list? Shoes are the best present ever! Not only do they make a traveler look super cute, but they never make anyone feel fat.